Drop the mic! MOTI sponsors the first Chinese freestyle battle in the UK
BY Chelly Hong @ March 11, 2020

On February 28, the first Chinese freestyle battle sponsored by MOTI was launched in Manchester. This battle is hosted by mystic and co-organized by muccis and playground club.

The exciting battle and rap show, plus after party, completely turn everyone up!



The competition was held in Manchester's popular nightclub Playground Nightclub. After 10 rounds of elimination, the MCs gathered in Manchester. They led everyone to experience the connotation of rap culture with the most authentic attitude and flow. The winner of this game is the British Chinese underground king!


In addition to the competition, rap shows and crazy EDM parties are also exciting. We brought in rap musicians from different cities in the UK, and with their fiery hearts, dedicated a burst of music performances. After the show, there is also a crazy hip-hop x EDM after party to keep everyone dancing.


MOTI has sponsored many outstanding music performances and is one of the solid supporters of famous musicians and music events. We hope to understand and help musicians, enrich people's cultural life through music, and impress our consumers through continuous cooperation with entertainment groups.


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Author: MOTI Official

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