When A NYE Concert Meets A New Product Announcement, Huge Cloud Gathering!
BY Mozart Liu @ January 13, 2023

MOTI, as the only title sponsor of this concert, deeply binds the concert and popular artists in an all-round way, uses the naming method to deeply imprint the brand on the online ticket sales copywriting and the artist's online self-media distribution content, and accurately convey MOTI To the artist's broad audience.

The popularity of the two popular rap artists made on-site ticket sales very hot. Before the opening, the online sales alone exceeded 3,000 people. The high-density brand audience gathered made MOTI approach this group of 20-year-old Russian customers. Let them know and experience the first MOTI e-cigarette in their life.

The activities at the event site not only covered 2,000 people at the scene through online lottery draws, on-site co-productions on the MOTI photo wall, and uploading MOTI photo collections to like and receive prizes, but also passed on MOTI to the world through their lively self-media accounts. Circle, according to incomplete statistics, only the number of likes and comments from the media conservatively exceeded 5,000 from the on-site participants, which is equivalent to organizing a collective talent distribution.

From pre-event artists binding MOTI to promoting ticket sales to the rich lottery collection at the venue, and the last 31 New Year’s Eve through GI’s second online event, the number of online and offline exposures exceeded 500,000+, which is a successful product publicity event.

At this concert, we walked into the customer group. We listened to their feelings about the taste and style of MOTI and listened to their needs and suggestions. This will be perfect research for the development of new product development and taste testing in the future. In this event, we also saw the possibility and efficiency of more offline activities, summed up the gains and losses to open up a new model and new position for e-cigarette brand promotion, and the possibility of joint sales stores to carry out promotions and other offline activities They are all slowly being planned, and they will quickly enter the customer base in conjunction with the online product promotion.

Scally Milano and Иван Константинович Шабашов are the new generations of rap stars in Russia. They were rated as the most promising Russian rappers by the authoritative music review platform Afisha, one of the Russian rappers of the year in TNT Music 2021, and MTC, the largest telecom operator in Russia, signed a commercial singer. Filmed an MTC TV commercial with Kika Kim and the STUDIO21 radio host.

A total of 2,000 e-cigarettes were distributed at this event. Based on the analysis of the current young people's preferences for MOTI flavors, the following data are obtained:

At the same time, according to the feedback from young people at this concert, young people are more interested in new flavors of e-cigarettes, such as coffee, tobacco, and chocolate flavors.

One of the reasons why MOTI has always been popular with customers is the variety of flavors. This time MOTI brought MOTI ONE 4000 and MOTI Vision to the local audience, as well as their most traditional MOTI PIIN series. And we can see there are more hot-selling vape products that are getting visitors' attention.

These come in convenient crystals and come in comfortable, colorful spouts, and the most popular flavors include Sweet Strawberry, Watermelon Ice, Coffee, Chocolate, Peach Ice, and Tobacco Menthol.

MOTI reaches out to millennials through this big festival. Through these dialogues and interactions, the new generation of consumers has a better understanding of MOTI, its brand spirit, and social responsibility, and its positive influence has increased.

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