You deservce better

Upgraded in All Aspects

MOTI·C pod is an upgraded pod that’s been developed for months in MOTI lab just to give users better experience.

Ergonomic Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece is made of PCTG, which is more comfortable in mouth. The design is also more ergonomic when vaping.

Smoother Taste Delivered

After months of work in MOTI lab, hundreds of times of test and refinement, the upgraded META Tech enables MOTI·C pod to have smoother and stronger flavor.

More Puffs Each Pod

The capacity of MOTI C Pod is 2mL/pod, which holds more e-liquid compared to MOTI Classic Pod, You can have approximately 40 more puffs per pod.

Compatible with MOTI Classic

MOTI·C Pod can be used on MOTI Classic device.

3-Layer Leak-proof Design

1st layer: Silicone Leak Control
2nd layer: Reserved Leak-space
3rd layer: Sealed silicone ring,

MOTI·C Pod has less leak cases under the test of 10,000 meters of negative pressure compared to the results of other top brands.


You Deserve Better