MOTI Duo Mesh Coil ——The Best Solution for Dispoasable to Boost Your Vaping Experience
BY Mozart Liu @ June 08, 2023


MOTI is developing a new product, a vape device with Duo-Mesh Coil technology. This new product uses a heating element with two layers of mesh material (different from two independent mesh atomization heating wires), creating a larger surface area, which allows the e-liquid to be evenly distributed touch and heat. This results in a smoother and more satisfying throat hit, as well as a more consistent taste throughout the life of the disposable. In this article, we will introduce you to the MOTI DUO MESH COIL technology, and how it brings vape users an amazing vaping journey.

MOTI DUO MESH COIL technology is suitable for low-resistance (Sub-ohm) disposable electronic cigarette devices, which generally use optimized dual mesh coils below 1 ohm, which can provide the best taste and atomization effect, without opening the Boost Mode, the dual mesh coils used alternately, which prolongs the life of the coil and keeps the taste consistent. After turning on the Boost Mode, the e-liquid can be burned and volatilized more fully, bringing more extreme taste output, so that users can experience the taste close to the real e-liquid. Dual mesh coils have a much flatter profile than traditional wound vape coils. This allows it to make tight contact with the wick without leaving areas where e-liquid can condense and form droplets. And the dual mesh coil is virtually silent during operation and doesn't pop or spit as easily as traditional vape coils may happen. Because mesh coils are evenly heated, they also generally last longer than traditional coils, and using dual mesh coils doesn't affect battery life much.

Why Dual Mesh Coils?

Disposable e-cigarettes with dual mesh coils are a new trend in the e-cigarette industry, which have better flavor and vapor production than ordinary coils. Dual mesh coils mean the heating element has two layers of mesh material, creating a larger surface area for the e-liquid to contact and heat evenly.
This results in a smoother, more satisfying draw, and a more consistent flavor throughout the life of the vape products. Disposable vapes with dual mesh coils are ideal for vapers who want a convenient, hassle-free way to enjoy their favorite flavors without compromising quality and performance.


Disposable vapes with dual mesh coils are the future of vaping for those looking for convenience and quality in one device. Compared with ordinary coils, it brings more choices and experiences to users. It can not only meet the needs of different tastes and occasions but also improve the atomization efficiency and taste quality, reduce oil leakage and dry hit, as well as longer battery life and e-liquid capacity. It is a technology that can bring more intelligent, efficient, environmentally friendly, and safe electronic cigarette products.

The emergence of dual-coil disposable electronic cigarettes also reflects the technology-driven development prospects of the electronic cigarette industry. With the continuous improvement of users' requirements on the quality, personality, and health of electronic cigarettes, MOTI will continue to introduce more new products and technologies that meet market demand and user preferences. The dual-coil disposable vape is just one example, and there will be more innovations and breakthroughs worth looking forward to in the future.

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