How To Use E-cigarettes And What You Need To Know?
BY James Miller @ December 27, 2022

Some new vapers just start to use e-cigarettes, and inevitably they are facing different problems. If you smoke an e-cigarette like a cigarette, it doesn't work. It can easily cause sore throats or lung problems.
So, when smoking e-cigarettes, we also need to master some tips and methods!

1. Device one side up 45°, to maintain the best experience.
2. It is not suggested to use the e-cigarette device upside down, which means the cigarette holder is lying down.
3. Do not take a big draw quickly, but take a small draw slowly (2-3 seconds each time) for the best taste.
4. Do not place them in the high-temperature environment of the car for a long time.
5. Do not rinse with water. If you need to clean, you can use a cotton cloth to wipe.
6. Keep metal objects away from the inside of the Pod slot.

More precautions and common knowledge

1. Do not block the hole next to the device when vaping, otherwise, it easily leads to excessive inhale resistance;

2. Do not connect the device directly to the wall socket or the vehicle cigarette lighting socket, to avoid a short circuit of the battery;

3. Do not charge the device under high temperatures. Take off the Pod and charge, otherwise, it is easy to juice leakage because of the high temperature;

4. The prompt light will light up when charging, and it will be off when it's fully charged. It is recommended to plug it off immediately after it is full, otherwise, it may easily affect the service life;

5. When continuously smoking, it is found that the smoke rod is hot until it cools down, and then continues to smoke, otherwise, there will be juice leakage;

6. If you can't finish vaping a Pod within 3 days, try to open it as little as possible, and put it aside after vaping to prevent juice leakage + oxygen + stale;

7. If smoke sets are not used for more than 2 days, please separate the atomization coil and smoke rod in time, seal the end and end of the atomization coil with the supporting silicone parts, and store the atomization coil upside down (with the mouthpiece facing down). The best atomization coil is stored at room temperature of 5-25 degrees;

8. If the atomization coil is stored for a long time, the atomization coil should be standing for a few minutes when it is taken out for use so that the vape juice and atomization coil can be fully integrated to avoid dry burning.


Quick Q&A About E-cigarettes

1. Is there any difference between condensate and juice leakage?
Condensate and juice leakage are two different things, juice leakage from the bottom, and condensate from the inhaled area.

2. What does it mean to juice intake?
When you smoke an e-cigarette, you may occasionally inhale the oil, which is condensate. That's because vaping is vaping, and vaping condenses when it gets cold. Just as we boil water in a kettle, the water vapor comes into contact with the bottom of a metal kettle lid and produces a liquid.

3. Is condensation bad for you?
According to the principle of condensate formation, condensation is the condensation of gas when it is cold, so condensation is not harmful to the body.

4. Why is condensate black?
Most vaping condensates are mixed with vaping juice because the condensate returns to the juice guide cotton. There are carbon deposits in the heating silk on the cotton, and the carbon deposits are black, so the condensate is black.
In this case, you can remove the Pod twice and wipe the mouthpiece with a tissue.

5. There's juice in the e-cigarette but it's dead. What's going on?
This is caused by vaping too often, after a few hours of smoke, the battery may be heating faster than the exhaust.
Therefore, it is recommended that when smoking electronic cigarettes, grasp the rhythm, smoke for a while, and rest for a while, which is good for both the feeling of smoking and electronic cigarettes.

6. What is the giddy comes from vaping for a long while?
If you do not have the habit of smoking cigarettes or smoke fewer cigarettes, the body does not have a particularly urgent intake of nicotine, it will lead to the body a sudden intake of excessive nicotine "drunk smoke" sense, at this time should immediately stop smoking, and drink more water, appropriate rest.

7. Can you vape while lying down?
When the body is "lying flat" or "reclining", it is not appropriate to smoke electronic cigarettes, otherwise, it is easy to cause oil leakage caused by tobacco reflux, and when the smoke liquid backflow cannot be removed from the oil guide cotton, the oil guide cotton may dry burn, leading to the occurrence of core paste.

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