It Is Considered E-cigarettes Is Not As Harmful As Ordinary Cigarettes
BY James Miller @ December 02, 2022


The electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) is getting more and more popular in our society today, e-cigarettes are atomized with glycerin, and the vapor that comes out is mainly water. The content of harmful substances such as formaldehyde is within a safe range. It is a medium that satisfies our nicotine intake, but the toxic gas produced by burning cigarettes damages our bodies much greater than nicotine.


Even if you grow celtuce, if you use the same process to make celtuce leaves into tobacco, roll them up and smoke them, the damage to your body will be more than 99% similar to that of cigarettes.

The most important source of cigarette harm to people is the method itself of incomplete combustion. It has been found that six or seven thousand kinds of harmful substances are inhaled along with the smoke during this process. The biggest improvement of e-cigarettes is this method. Only the change in this method can eliminate at least 95% of harmful substances.

E-cigarettes are smoke produced by heating glycerin—unless manufacturers deliberately use low-purity glycerin, this is harmless to the human body, but inhaling large amounts will raise blood sugar, so diabetics should not smoke e-cigarettes.


Glycerin and additives are not easy to mix, so propylene glycol is also used as a "bridge", and propylene glycol can also produce a "throat hit". This thing is considered to be harmful to people because of the "throat hit". However, there have been studies This stuff is volatile... Whether the irritation it causes is harmful to people is medically inconclusive.

The main problem is the additives. At present, the additives of e-cigarettes are edible materials, but the problem is that no one can prove whether long-term atomization of these things will cause harm to the human body. This is the biggest controversy of e-cigarettes— —However, this part of the controversy is probably even 1% more problematic than the harm of cigarettes. Because this kind of proposition is theoretically the same as "whether a genetic modification is harmful to people", and no specific results can be obtained, and it can only be verified by time.


What is more special is the additive of "nicotine salt", which is used to relieve the addiction of old smokers. You can find out what damage nicotine does to the human body on the Internet. Not all e-liquids contain nicotine, so just be cautious before buying, and keep a questioning mind(even the highest 50ml content is a lower strength than a cigarette).

No matter if it is harmful or how much harmful it is, We do not recommend that minors come into contact with e-cigarette products containing nicotine.



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