What are the types of e-cigarettes and how do they work?
BY Nicole Winter @ December 14, 2022

E-cigarette products also need to be treated rationally. E-cigarettes can be split into two parts, the device, and the atomizer. The device is understood as the power supply, and the atomizer is the part that heats the e-liquid into smoke. The combination of the two makes a real e-cigarette.

Let's talk about the e-cigarette device. There are mainly three types of e-cigarettes in my eyes: the heating rod, the mechanical device(DIY), and the regulating box.

  1. Electronic heating pod is the first batch of products in the e-cigarette market. Due to the limited technology at that time, most of these products did not have a display screen, and the output power could be adjusted by pressing the ignition key.
  2. Mechanical rod(DIY). This kind of product does not have any circuit board and chip protection, so the output power cannot be adjusted. The structure consists of a metal tube with a bottom switch that can be turned on and used by a 18650 battery. We can see there is news of electronic cigarette explosions; the mechanical rod device is the main reason that causes the risk. There are many reasons for the explosion, such as broken battery skin and the use of inferior batteries that may lead to an explosion.

Atomizers are divided into two categories: finished atomizers and RBA atomizers (also known as DIY). Users divide atomizers that can be DIY, including oil storage (RTA), dripping oil (RDA), and dripping storage (RDTA) atomizers

This type of product often requires extremely high DIY hands-on ability. Its heating wire can be adjusted and replaced, and the cotton can also be configured according to different voltages and wattages. It is not suitable for users who use e-cigarettes for the first time.

  1. Regulating boxes are by far the most widely used type of e-cigarette. This kind of product is by pressing the button to adjust different wattage and volt on the device, and the mainstream power adjustment range is 1-120 watts, and the power size determines the vapor amount.

The nebulizer is the most important component of the e-cigarette after the power supply. The smoke is produced by heating the heating wires inside the nebulizer to vaporize the vaping oil on the internal oil guide cotton. The atomizer's air intake structure and the atomizing chamber's structure greatly affect the taste of use.

After a long development period, the RTA atomizer has begun to divide into two levels. On the one hand, the RTA atomizer is inclined to taste the flavor of e-liquid -- Mouth to lung e-liquid storage atomizer; On the other hand, those who are inclined to the large smoke but also want to have a certain endurance of the large smoke direct-to-lung e-liquid storage atomizer. The easiest way to tell is the size of the air intake of the nebulizer to determine whether it is an inhaler or a large smoke direct-to-lung nebulizer.

In fact, which type of e-cigarette to choose depends on personal preference, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you have any e-cigarette products that you like, please leave us a message.

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