Why are fruit-flavored e-cigarettes disappearing in China?
BY Nicole Winter @ December 23, 2022
1. E-cigarettes are convenient and clean. You don't get tobacco leaves all over your pockets, you don't have to flick ashes everywhere and throw cigarette butts, and you don't have to get a bad smell in your mouth. Whether it's for personal hygiene or other people's feelings, e-cigarettes win out.

2. Smokers should never forget the feeling of smoking for the first time, choking halo odor; Fruit-flavored e-cigarettes, on the other hand, are a lot more acceptable and traditional cigarettes will lose a lot of smokers

3. Health problems, although the harm of e-cigarettes still needs time to research, but from the current point of view, the harm of e-cigarettes is nicotine, cigarette in addition to co tar nicotine and a string of. And in my scientific understanding, combustion is certainly much more harmful than atomization...

4. Safety issues, all kinds of cigarette butts cause fire, let alone mention, I will not be cigarette-burned clothes! So far I've only found two cases on the Internet where people have been injured by an explosion, and a lot of times it's probably using a different brand or something... At the moment, e-cigarettes are going to replace cigarettes in terms of market competitiveness, so some people are not sitting still. Of course, a lot of people say that e-cigarettes are easy to get, so ban them, which I think is nonsense.


Let's talk about e-cigarettes next:


1. E-cigarettes do start with attracting flavors, but cigarettes start with a good price; Each has its disadvantages.


2. If you can stop selling flavored Pods for the sake of difficulty, can you also make durian-flavored filters for cigarettes? That way, people who can't live without nicotine are less likely to smoke. Isn't it cool?


3. From the management difficulty, your cigarettes are sold in any small shop, difficult management, and cigarettes this thing day to buy a pack you can not let the customer day ID card. E-cigarettes are mostly specialty stores, and most people stock up on them at a time, making them easier to manage. Some people say that the Tobacco Bureau can also be transformed, which is more nonsense, what a giant of Chinese tobacco! How much does the transformation cost? And vaping is not a monopoly. It will go up. Add: I see a lot of people take fruit flavor young people to like to say things, all kinds of cigarette burst a lot of beads, and cigarette holder sweet mint, old smokers would like to pull out the cigarette holder to smoke, a few smoke burst beads? So what's all this about?


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