MOTI X GO Kit Review: Prefilled or Refillable Pods
BY James Miller @ May 29, 2023

The MOTI X GO kit is one of MOTI’s latest pod devices. Like the MOTI X Pod Mod, this device is designed to give vapers more choice over how they want to vape. The MOTI X GO is available with your choice of either refillable or prefilled pods, the latter of which are available in 10+ flavors. 

The MOTI X GO shares some similarities to the MOTI X MINI (made in collaboration with VAPORESSO) but it’s altogether a different device. It’s a device made for MTL vapers and for nicotine salt ejuices. It has a 650mAh battery that can be recharged with Type-C charging, and it will fire at up to 11.7W.

The prefilled pods come filled with 4ml of ejuice in 50mg nicotine strength. The refillable pod has a 2ml ejuice capacity and houses a 1.0Ω coil.

Whether you like filling up your vapes with your own ejuice, or you prefer the simplicity and convenience of a prefilled pod, the MOTI X GO has you covered. But is the overall performance and flavor worth picking it up? I spent some time testing and reviewing it to find out.

Box Contents

MOTI X GO Prefilled

  • 1 x MOTI X GO Device
  • 1 x MOTI X POD Prefilled

MOTI X GO KIT Refillable

  • 1 x MOTI X GO Device
  • 1 x MOTI X POD (1.0Ω) Refillable
  • 1 x User Manual


  • Size: 68.6mm X Ø24.5mm
  • Pod Capacity: 2ml (Refillable) or 4ml (Prefilled)
  • Uses Refillable or Pre-filled Pods
  • Draw Activated
  • MTL Draw
  • Battery Size: 650mAh
  • Max Wattage 11.7W
  • Charging: Type-C

Design & Build Quality


The MOTI X GO is kind of like the MOTI X MINI, at least as far as the shape and size go. Funny enough, the X GO is even smaller than the X MINI so maybe they should have swapped the names around. This is a short and stubby device, coming in at 68.6mm tall and 24.5mm in diameter without a pod inserted. It may not be as slim as other pod vapes, but I like that it isn’t tall because I can easily fully conceal it in my hand. 

The refillable pod is much shorter than the prefilled pods and barely sticks out of the top of the device, keeping it low profile. But with a refillable pod it becomes significantly taller due to the 4ml of ejuice that they contain. 

The materials and finish on the X GO are excellent. The entire device is made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy. The top half is finished in matte metallic, while the bottom half features a soft touch finish. MOTI calls this their “Xspace Capsule Design”. 

Recently, MOTI has been going for a futuristic, space-age look for all of their products, which can be seen on the MOTI Play and MOTI X Pod. Out of all of their devices, I think that the X GO is the nicest one yet. It’s simple but it still looks really good.

On the soft touch portion there is an X GO and MOTI logo. Right above these logos there is a white LED indicator which is quite dim, but this is good if you’re trying to stealth vape. Finally, on the bottom of the X GO, there is a Type-C charging port.

The X GO is a truly simple device and there really isn’t all that much to it. There are no buttons, no airflow control, and no wattage adjustment. Using it is as simple as throwing in a prefilled pod and vaping, or filling up the refillable pod and vaping. But as simple as it is, it’s a nice device with good build quality and good looks to match. 

Pods: Refillable and Prefilled

Like the MOTI X Pod Mod, the MOTI X GO can be used in two ways: with refillable pods or with prefilled pods. The device itself is the same so even if you purchase the Refillable Pod Kit you can still purchase prefilled pods to use with the MOTI X GO. 

Both types of pods are nearly identical, but the refillable pod can be differentiated from the refillable ones because it is much shorter. Both types of pods attach magnetically to the battery. It’s a firm and strong connection, so no worries about the pod falling out accidentally. 

The refillable pod can hold up to 2ml of ejuice. The pod has a very dark tint that makes it near impossible to see inside, even if you hold it up to the light.

The fill port is located on the side of the pod. Filling is a bit of a guessing game where you’re trying to fill it all the way without overfilling and having ejuice spill out of the fill port. It’s not ideal at all.

The prefilled pods come filled with 4ml of ejuice in one of ten flavors. The ten available flavors are:

  • Green Lime 50mg
  • Exotic Fusion 50mg
  • Lush Ice 50mg
  • Juicy Grape 50mg
  • Arabic Apple 50mg
  • Strawberry Ice Cream 50mg
  • Blue Storm 50mg
  • Gummy Bear 50mg
  • Vanilla Sundae 50mg
  • Cola Fizz 50mg

These pods have the same dark tint as the refillable pods, but it’s literally impossible to know how much ejuice you have left. I used the flashlight on my phone to illuminate the pod and all that you can see is the cotton that holds the ejuice. You can’t tell exactly how much ejuice is left inside, which is not very convenient.

I received early sample versions of the X GO and prefilled pods, so what I’m about to mention may change for the production version. But on my prefilled pods, there is no way to tell the flavors apart. All of the pods look exactly the same, with no printed flavor or anything to differentiate between them. I ended up labeling them myself in order to avoid confusion. 

Both pods use what MOTI calls their “Maze Structure”. This is a structure built into the base of the pod which is supposed to eliminate leaking by making it difficult for ejuice to travel out the base of the pod. So far it seems to do the job that it’s there for because I have not had any leaking from either my refillable or prefilled pods.

Battery & Charging

The MOTI X GO has a 650mAh battery that recharges with Type-C charging. It fires at a maximum output wattage of 11.7W when fully charged and the output gets weaker as the battery dies. 

This decreasing output was very noticeable to me, so much so that I never let the X GO get to the point of completely dying. After a day of heavy use, the output gets so weak that I would find myself taking longer draws just to compensate for it. The draw is really nice when the battery is full or near-full, but not so pleasant when the battery is near-depleted.

Another not-so-great feature of the X GO is the LED indicator. There’s only one LED and it only lights up white. This doesn’t give any information as to where your battery life is sitting, so you’re left to go by the feel of the draw. After a day of heavy vaping is when I would usually charge the X GO and I think that you will probably find yourself doing the same.


I was sent the MOTI X GO kit with the refillable pod, as well as a bunch of the prefilled pod flavors to test out. I used the X GO for about two weeks and half of the time I used the refillable pod, and the other half of the time I use the prefilled pods. Some days I only used the prefilled pods, some days I only used the refillable pod. Other days I would switch between them throughout the day. I wanted to see how they could be used independently, as well as together, and see what made for a better time with the X GO.

The refillable pods are surprisingly good for MTL vaping. I say surprisingly because MOTI’s other similar devices like the X MINI and X Pod Mod kits are DL devices so I was expecting the same vaping experience here. But the X GO is altogether different and provides a MTL vape with warm vapor and great flavor. The lack of adjustable airflow isn’t an issue for me because I like the draw how it is, but some vapers may find that the draw isn’t as tight as they would like.

 The refillable pods are a different experience from the refillable pods. The draw is slightly looser and the vapor is not as warm. It’s still a MTL vape, but cooler and looser than the refillable pod. Out of all of the flavor that I tried, I liked their Arabic Apple and Blue Storm the most. All of the flavors are pretty good, but these two just hit the right flavor notes for me. Most of their prefilled flavors feel like they have some cooling to them too, which might also be a reason for the perceived cooler draw.

So what’s the best way to vape the MOTI X GO? Refillable pods or prefilled pods? For me, I think that a mix of both is the best way to get the most out of this device. I liked to use the refillable pods for those warm draws with my choice of ejuice, but I liked being able to switch it up to an entirely new flavor just by using one of the prefilled pods. Of course, you could always have multiple refillable pods on the go for the same purpose, but MOTI’s flavors for the X GO are worth using. 


The MOTI X GO is small, light, and great for vapers who want to use their own ejuice, as well as vapers who want an experience that is a step up from disposables. Using the refillable pods with the X GO is great and the flavor that I get from these pods makes it a device that I will continue to use. The refillable pods are convenient and deliver the ease of use of a disposable, but with flavor that is on the level of a pod device.

The MOTI X GO is the perfect device for beginners, especially when paired with the prefilled pods. The flavor is better than what you will get from the majority of disposables out there, so it’s worth the extra investment to take your vaping experience up a notch. 

I think that the X GO has a lot of good things going on, but there are a few things that I would like to see changed. The LED light being only a single color doesn’t give much information as to your battery charge level, so a multi-colored LED would be much better. The pods being so darkly tinted also makes it impossible to see where your ejuice level is at. This next con might be due to me receiving a pre-production sample, but not having the flavors labeled on the prefilled pods is also a nightmare, especially if you have multiple flavors on the go.

Overall, the MOTI X GO is a handy pod device that adequately meets the needs of different types of vapers. My suggestion is to pick up the refillable pod kit and then purchase some of the prefilled pods on the side. You’ll get the best of both worlds and the most out of this versatile device.

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