Quick Questions And Answers About Atomizer Coil
BY James Miller @ December 28, 2022


1. Why does the e-cigarette make a buzzing or crackling sound when it is used?
E-cigarette juices are atomized at high temperatures to generate vapors, which will generate a lot of heat during operation. If you feel hot during use, you can reduce the frequency of use or put it down for a while before using it; it will produce crackling or sizzle during use, which is the sound of atomized e-liquid, it is a normal phenomenon.

2. Questions about the atomization coil
For an atomizer, other parts generally do not need to be replaced, only the coil needs to be replaced; the coil is a consumable item, and the service life will be reduced if the atomization time is too long or the atomization temperature is too high; Under normal circumstances, to ensure the taste, it is best to change it every 1-2 months; replace it immediately if the coil is burnt;

3. How to prevent the coil from burning?
There is generally a juice-conducting cotton coil inside the coil. If the temperature of the electronic cigarette is overheated and the ignition point of the cotton coil is reached, the coil will be burned. To avoid burning, follow the steps: (1) Press and hold the button once smoke within 5-6 seconds, hold the button for a few seconds each time so that the e-cigarette has a cooling time; (2) Do not hold down the button when there is no smoke or the atomizer is not in good contact when taking a wrong draw. If the button is not loose, think about replacing a new coil before use. (3) The greater the power, the greater the calorific value. When using a high-power electronic cigarette, when you get a burnt smell, you should consider whether the coil has been burned, and you should immediately release the button to stop the atomization.

4. How comes the e-juice intake to the mouth?
The method of refilling e-juice must be correct. The refilling method of each model of atomizer is different; Always pay attention to inhaling lightly and slowly, because when the e-liquid in the cigarette holder is relatively small, if you inhale too fast, a small amount of e-liquid in the cigarette holder will be brought into the mouth along with the airflow.

5. Can the atomizer be cleaned?
The atomizer is a small item that contains e-juice. When cleaning, it can be cleaned with warm water or vinegar, and then dried before use. Generally, it is best not to clean the coil. If you want to clean it, you must dry it after cleaning. Use it again to avoid residual moisture in it.

6. How to check whether there is a problem with the e-cigarette device?
After taking off the atomizer, look at the indication of the button display light; if it is displayed normally, there is no problem with the device; if the indicator light is abnormal, try another battery; otherwise, there might be a problem with the device;

7. About the situation and solution of grunting sound or liquid in the cigarette holder and air intake hole
Since the components in the e-cigarette juice contain glycerin, glycerin has a water-absorbing effect, when the e-liquid is atomized, the glycerin will be heated and atomized and then condensed; after a period of use, the glycerin will absorb water and adhere to the inner wall of the smoke outlet or On the cigarette holder, when the smoke is not flowing smoothly from the smoke hole when it is used again, it will produce a grunting sound; if this happens, you can use a tissue or warm water to wash it and dry it before using it, and this phenomenon will disappear.

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