MOTI Smooth Flavor Curve Graph

MOTI gave up the low-cost IC and adopted the MCU chip on MOTI products, just to provide premium vaping experience. MOTI collected 2,000,000 valid user data and then gained an average power curve for curve fitting. The patented MCU chip can therefore help MOTI vapes achieve power adjustment.

MCU chip can distinguish different vaping scenarios such as cold start and long vaping. It then adapts the output power to the corresponding scenarios. As a result, the MCU chip helps MOTI products achieve better performance. MCU chip can adjust the output power to match the atomizing temperature of different essence in e-liquids.

Turbo Mode

Plug and unplug the pod into the device 3 times within 2 seconds, MCU can recognize the action and intelligently control the output power and activate the turbo mode. With higher output power, you can enjoy the richer flavor and bigger clouds.

Up-side Down Reminder

MOTI vapes are inserted with a horizontal sensor controlled by the MCU chip. When the device is put upside, it might cause the e-liquid to flow toward the mouthpiece and leave seldom liquid in the bottom of the pod. As a result, if keeping the position to vape, could burn out the atomizer.