Moti Join Hands with CVIC to Meet the Vape Super Buyer in the UK
BY James Miller @ May 25, 2023

On May 23, Manchester UK, MOTI, and many Chinese e-cigarette brands participated in the first round matchmaking event "CVIC Meet the Vape Super Buyer UK". The event marks the official first step of the e-cigarette overseas cluster model, and it also shows that the Chinese team has the ability to hold e-cigarette investment promotion activities centered on the Chinese supply chain in the European market. The show-up at the European e-cigarette event has opened a "new window" for Chinese e-cigarette factories to go overseas.


Like other vape brands, MOTI demonstrated its own brand and its own products in front of the British "cluster channel dealers". Every detail is very impressive. The products displayed by MOTI include disposable products MOTI ULTRA 6000, MOTI ROLLER 2500, MOTI ONE 4000, MOTI TUBE 3000, MOTI ROLLER 650, and POD MOD products MOTI PLAY, MOTI PLAY MINI, MOTI X, MOTI X MINI.

Among them MOTI PLAY It is widely praised for its stylish design, ease of use and outstanding performance. , which can be operated with just a draw, and has an extra ignition button to help, it has received wide praise from users and reviewers, and MOTI PLAY has launched many new color schemes this year, which are deeply loved by consumers. And in this CVIC" super buyer meeting, MOTI PLAY won the honor of "Best Design Award"

MOTI is a vape brand headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Shenzhen is known as the center of the e-cigarette manufacturing industry, and many well-known e-cigarette brands have their headquarters or production facilities in Shenzhen. Founded in 2018, the company has quickly gained popularity in the vaping community due to its commitment to innovation and enthusiasm for vaping industry. They offer a wide range of products, including Pod Mod systems, disposables, and refillable vape devices, in a variety of flavors and designs to meet different needs. Their products are sold worldwide through authorized distributors and retailers. Overall, MOTI has built a solid reputation for producing high-quality and user-friendly vape devices.

The first "Super Buyer Meeting" in Manchester came to a successful end, marking that "China's e-cigarette industry cluster" has officially moved towards the "world's e-cigarette channel stage" through the implementation of innovative channels! With the deepening of overseas competition, "products, technology, and people" should constantly adapt to the market or develop in foreign demand. Like many vape brands, MOTI devoted itself to the overseas market for many years, and we can see there is still much market space to occupy. As long as we maintain continuous innovation and love for e-cigarettes, and consolidate the brand concept and corporate competitiveness, we will surely stand out among global e-cigarette brands

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