Vaper Expo Birmingham with MOTI, A New Cloudy Journey Begins
BY Mozart Liu @ October 09, 2022


Another season started again, and MOTI's pace of progressing to the international market and more users will never stop. After the extraordinary presence at Intertabac Germany, MOTI is coming back to the international fair in Birmingham--the Vaper Expo, where the company will be glad to present the latest innovations.

El Vaper Expo UK is one of the largest and most recognized electronic cigarette and vaping fairs in the UK. The show has become a leading exhibition in vaping world as it has attracted more and more visitors and professional users. MOTI perfectly knows Vaper Expo UK, the latest was just 5 months ago, always at NEC Birmingham - National Exhibition Centre, the place where MOTI was welcoming lots of its vape fans and distributors from all over the world.

More Safety and Social Responsibility with Child Lock New Feature

The MOTI PIIN 2 is a disposable vape with 2.0mL juice and a 400mAh battery. It has a simple and clean design with vibrant mouthpiece color. MOTI PIIN 2 is small yet powerful, which delivers strong flavor and throat hit.

The 1.5-second child lock switch function of MOTI PIIN 2 (3-puff lock) is currently the first of its kind in the disposable electronic cigarette community. This is the child lock form that most meets European requirements, reflecting MOTI's social responsibility and innovation, and is also a strong investigation into the current situation. Responses to the illicit vaping situation. Of course, there are very few brands on the market that have a child lock function, a physical switch that can be toggled by hand, but this is not the best solution for child locks, because children can easily trigger the switch.

Another popular product from the MOTI vape is the new MOTI JUGAR.

MOTI JUGAR es un vape innovador con una nube masiva. La batería de gran capacidad de 900 mAh garantiza una larga vida útil. Su bobina de malla de panal ultrafina restaura un sabor fuerte, y el flujo de aire ajustable continuo adapta la potencia y el volumen de humo según sea necesario. La potencia restante, los tiempos de vapeo y la potencia de salida en cualquier momento para la verificación de datos en tiempo real con su diseño de pantalla.

The product can be held with one hand in its flat, thin, and compact body, making it easy to carry. It has a front transparent shell and the zinc alloy rear shell with a matte surface and fine frosting, featuring anti-fouling, scratch-resistant, and wear-resistant effects. The adhesion of fingerprints, dust, and oil, is reduced to maintain the beauty and touch of the product, which is both practical and exquisite. The combination of transparent materials with metallic textures, coupled with a mechanical screen and cardboard, highlights the technological and futuristic sense of the product.

In addition to the great utility, MOTI's products allow users to create many aesthetic combinations thanks to the availability of more colors.

MOTI's New Start

The revolution in the disposable market is fierce. MOTI's excellent vape products are already available in shops and tobacco shops. Many hot sellers of vaping KITs like the POD MOD system MOTI X Mini, el MOTI JUGAR Mini, and the disposable like the MOTI VASO 5000 which has just won the MUSE Design Award, and the MOTI POP, which is regarded as one of the most successful vape KITs that have swept the whole European Vape Market, are all presenting at the MOTI stand at the Vaper Expo in Birmingham.

MOTI Awaits You at the Vaper Expo 2022 in Birmingham

Do not miss out on MOTI's presence at Vaper Expo UK 2022, inside the NEC Birmingham - National Exhibition Centre the MOTI stand will be at BOOTH J124. Make an appointment with MOTI Vape, and enter the cloudy vaping world with MOTI world together.


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