MOTO Vape starter kit

What is Change Series (Vape Starter Kit)?

Starter kit aka pod system. Just like its name, it's for vape starters. It consists of two components: device and pod. MOTI pod systems are closed pod systems. We have prefilled pods with multiple e-liquid flavors and you can choose the ones you prefer. 

Choose the Right Vape to Start

If you are a vape beginner, MOTI·C Arise pod system is an ideal choice at an affordable price with great performance. It is a wise option for all.

MOTI·S Lite starter vape is a high-end pod system with upgrades in all aspects. The ultimate smooth taste and design will deliver a premium experience for you. Enjoy the luxurious and best vape experience now.

What is pod system?

At the first glance, a pod seems to be just a container for e-liquid. That’s right, but a pod is also outfitted with a coil inside for heating up and vaporizing the liquid. Pods are attached to vape bodies in various ways, such as magnets or threaded joints. There’re mainly two types of pod systems: closed pod system and open pod system.

Closed Pod System – If a pod system is closed, the pod cannot be refilled. When the liquid inside is used up, users just throw away the pod and replace it with a new pre-filled one. 


Open Pod System – If a pod system is open, the pod is refillable—it comes with a fill port that allows users to refill e-liquid at any time. Generally, open pod systems are empty with no pre-filling when they’re sold. In addition, an open system also allows for coil replacement sometimes.