A Legend in the Making, See How the MOTI X Mini Bridges Different Vapers
BY Mozart Liu @ June 29, 2022


A successful new product should not only attract attention at the beginning of its release, but it should be able to integrate different vape users to form another larger community. Recently, a new vape model released by MOTI has successfully achieved this goal- bringing the POD MOD users and MOD users together. Let's take a look at this legendary product.

What are the different points between POD MOD and Mod Vape?

 People may confuse pod mods with mod vapes. Pod mods are slightly different from mod vapes in terms of components and function. The difference is in the tank/mod. A mod vape tends to be more DIY-friendly. While Pod mods are easier to use than mod vapes. They come with compatible pods and you have to use them. Pods and mods are magnetically attached. Vapers especially those who used to be cigarette smokers, would prefer to buy e-liquid and Mod devices separately and DIY by themselves. Although this method is more affordable for long time use, it is not convenient to carry a vape device that needs to be filled with e-liquid first or modify the coil before starting to vape. Meanwhile, using the same vape holder/device for a long period may retain bacteria on the holder/device, and cleaning may become a problem then. But every coin has two sides, Mod vape enthusiasts may see it differently.


This MTOI X Mini, a joint product with Vaporesso, has now attracted the attention of many e-cigarette users.

 Equipped with an upgraded long-lasting 1150mAh rechargeable battery, MOTI X Mini features a well-adapted power output from 10W to 29W. It offers a comfortable hand feels for its slim spaceship appearance, aluminum alloy middle frame, and stabilized see-through PC body. MOTI X Mini remains simple in design with a single button operation. It is compatible with the Original MOTI X Pod to support the respective coil series, adopting a renewal 4mL prefilled cartridge design and replaceable coil system. The MOTI X Mini is suitable for DTL-draw vapers. The MOTI X Mini Pod is designed for a cloud-focused and sub-ohm experience. Thanks to its self-adaptive wattage, intelligently regulate power according to the coil used, this can help to extend the coil life.



By comparing the Pros and Cons of POD MOD and Mod, we can see how the MOTI X Mini bridges the gap between the POD MOD system and the Mod system.



  • Easy to use
  • Affordable price
  • Limited maintenance
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Minimal vapor production



  • Shorter battery life
  • Relatively small clouds
  • Limited vape juice capacity
  • Restricted output wattage


You will see these Pros and Cons vividly illustrate what it means that each side of a coin tells a different story. Although MOTI X Mini has overcome some shortcomings, vapers may still be concerned about whether this small vaping gear is strong enough or not. We will go through it again on its Pros. Easy to use, this is a must. As its slogan goes, Mini But Mighty.


Longer battery life

MOTI X Mini comes with a 29w/1150mAn large battery, which tends to make a single charge last longer. And its 29W high power output caped with an optimized mesh coil, guarantee a bigger cloud production. Meanwhile, MOTI X Mini has a different POD capacity, which can satisfy the usage on a time base.



High Flavor Reproduction

The honeycomb mesh allows for even heating, maximizing the release of the rich flavor in every single drop. At the same time, users are gathering because of its affordable price, and what's more, the fun of enjoying the reproduction of large clouds and pure taste.



Button activation

Normally, button activation is rarely seen on a POD MOD system, while MOTI X Mini's button offers quite a different vaping experience. It can auto recognize and adjust the best wattage for vaping, with every single press, along with sound heating the liquid, this is a special moment that only MOTI X Mini can bring.


Consistent Taste from the first to the last

20000/s adaptive power control with MCU chip inside, a strong guarantee of producing the authentic juice flavors, meanwhile with MOTI's Coil and Oil Separation (COS) technology which provides the best leak-proof protection for the prefilled pods.


Stepless Airflow System

Just twist the POD from right to left, the MOTI X Mini can capture different airflow with the different air inlet amounts. A simple but user-friendly design. You gotta know that this is a feature where a normal POD MOD system can't be found.


     MOTI X Mini is awarded the BEST CLOSED POD SYSTEM WINNER, during the World Vape Show Dubai, 2022


Now we can understand, why this is a legendary product that brings so many vape users together and forms a new vaping culture. Vape smart, and vape good. It is fair to say that, to enjoy a DTL MOD vape style with the cost of a POD MOD vape is for real. MOTI X Mini has been popular since it was released.


For a long time, MOTI has been at the forefront of the vaping industry, constantly striving to create better products for its customers and pursuing the ultimate product and technology concept. In addition to creating a more diverse brand culture, this bold and innovative effort also increased both brands' influence around the world.


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