Game Changer Replaceable Pod MOTI ONE Is Bound to Make A Big Hit
BY Mozart Liu @ July 20, 2022

The new MOTI ONE will soon be open to the global market in the coming week. With a philosophy of delivering innovative products with purer taste, healthier materials, and a more focused design, the new 'bottle-like' replaceable POD starter kit is the perfect combination of advanced technology and sleek looks, flowing with lively elements.


MOTI is a brand of Flame Tech. Since its establishment in 2018, it has been committed to creating the ultimate vaping experience for consumers, and MOTI ONE is no exception. Based on high-quality products in the general sense, the new product also places a great emphasis on playability, bringing consumers the highest enjoyment.


On the one hand, MOTI ONE improves the performance of human-device interaction through the upper and lower structured design and comfortable touch. MOTI ONE facilitates consumer relaxation by rotating the "ring" and stimulates a more positive inhale response through airflow change.


The MOTI ONE, on the other hand, takes full advantage of high-tech mesh coils to heat up at a faster rate for more flavor and steam. Known for maximizing the surface area in contact with e-liquid, mesh coils solve many of the problems of conventional coils, such as uneven heat distribution, power loss, and more.


In addition, MOTI ONE offers more choices, from 6-color different pods to 10 flavors. A skin-friendly mouthpiece is widely accepted by vape users.


Designed for the user, soft and skin-friendly

The MOTI ONE is a huge leap from MOTI's previous disposable e-cigarettes. Different from the common large device body and small POD design before, this MOTI ONE is a game-changer product that brings more benefits to users. The long POD design is more recognizable and can hold more e-liquid and bring greater satisfaction to users. Powered by a rechargeable 600mAh integrated battery and fast charging via the Type-C charging port, the new MOTI ONE features a better-structured mesh coil for higher temperature resistance and helps generate massive vapor clouds. This may allow MOTI ONE to deliver a smoother, more authentic flavor.


Since 2018, MOTI has been developing innovative products designed to provide a better, healthier life. As MOTI found that vape users' demand for natural flavors and a healthier way to vape grew year by year, thousands of experiments have been made to find ways to make their products with the least harmful materials, pure taste, and refined design, only to present consumers with products that will meet their needs to the most extent.


Nowadays, consumers' requirements are not only limited to the original functions of items but are more reflected in various senses. Many vape brands have taken a brave step in exploring more e-cigarette growth engines. We believe that MOTI ONE will perform well and give more energy and more variety to new vape POD systems.


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