Healthy Vape Practitioner MOTI Show Up in The Hookah Club Show with New Products
BY Mozart Liu @ September 13, 2022

MOTI brought new products to the Hookah Club Show, the largest hookah exhibition in Russia. Its products with super product capacity, have brought popular visits, and together with other exhibitors have driven the exhibition to a new height with innovative concepts and products.

Innovation is the driving force of every business. If you are looking for new products to impress the market, this Hookah Show is presenting diverse enticing hookah products, disposables, pod mod systems, and pod vapes that have been a hit on the market, and will inspire you! Its open concept has attracted many internationally renowned tobacco product manufacturers. MOTI is one of them.

Known as a health practitioner in the vape industry, MOTI attended this great event last weekend. Vape lovers are more than welcome to join this Hookah Club Show and enjoy the premium vapes, ranging from disposables to vape mods. Visitors' taste buds were greatly satisfied and they enjoyed this flavorful sensation with all types of vapes at one booth. Free souvenirs were there for them as well. What a great Club Show, where visitors can find that inspiration and innovation are born twins.

The e-cigarette market in Russia is thriving, and we know that there is a growing demand for vaping products. High-quality and innovative vapes are the heart and soul of the Hookah Club Show. Sited from the organizer of the MOTI. “We’re excited to showcase our new products which we hope will captivate different vapers' attention. We sincerely invite vape advocates and enthusiasts to visit our booth and spend a wonderful moment with us.”


Who is MOTI Vape?


MOTI vape, founded in 2018, is an innovative technology company headquartered in Shenzhen, China. MOTI’s mission is to produce innovation and create a reliable user experience for the vape industry. MOTI vape always listens to different voices, aiming to contribute a positive impact on our society and bring a healthier vape experience to the public. They are committed to creating reliable and cutting-edge vaping hardware, including but not limited to, disposable vapes, vape pod systems, and personal advanced vaporization devices. Serving customers from more than 60+ countries globally with the highest standard, MOTI vape connects millions of people with its strong product force as always, we can see from the exhibits that MOTI's vape products attract groups of visitors to experience.

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