MOTI – First E-cigarette Brand Rewarded 2021 Wise New Force
BY Jessie Tang @ June 17, 2021

36Kr, a Chinese top media platform focuses on Chinese startup and new economy enterprises, published the 2021WISE “New Force” List in May 10th. There were 20 new rising brands and companies on the list, including MOTI. With the overall outstanding performance such as industry-leading product innovation capabilities, powerful strength in the market, and driving brand value, MOTI made the first e-cigarette brand that was on the list.


 MOTI was the only e-cigarette brand made the 2021 WISE New Force List

The tech-focused media 36Kr is the host of the 2021 WISE New Force List. This list assessed capabilities from diverse aspects: product innovation, brand influence, business model innovation, brand potential, etc. 2021 WISE list was reviewed by authorities in new consumption study, renowned influential entrepreneurs, top venture capitalists, and representatives from media platforms.

How Did MOTI Break The Ice Since E-Cigarette is a Hot And Controversial Issue?

The competition among e-cigarette brands for the first place is the contest of overall capabilities.

From the blanket ban of selling e-cigarette online on January 1st in China, 2019, to when the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology sought comments on e-cigarette issues, the supervision of the e-cigarette and atomization industry has been increasingly strict. With the constant reinforced supervision and improved requirements from the market, the competition for the first place has become the contest of overall capabilities in asset, product, technology, supply chain, and sales channel.

The core motivation of MOTI is the product. MOTI focuses on establishing the product matrix and developing core technologies. After more than ten years of technology accumulation in the e-cigarette industry, MOTI has now owned the one-of-a-kind product lines.

MOTI has acquired investment from top global venture capital firms including ZhenFund, MSA Capital, SIG Asia, Highlight Capital, etc. early when it’s just founded. MOTI was, therefore, able to actively distribute the sales channel and made the achievement today.


Unlike most other Chinese brands that emphasize brand marketing and asset-light strategies, MOTI has built its lab, which has three core capabilities of the chemical experiment, physical test, and reliability test to guarantee product stability and safety. In 2020, the self-owned factory of MOTI can conduct effective product quality control. Whilst ensuring highly self-resilient, MOTI maintains close cooperation with top upstream suppliers, such as Smoore, the leading company in atomization technology. MOTI and Smoore can build a strong alliance and thus truly achieve success from internal to outside.

Thanks to the accumulation of capabilities in asset, product, technology, supply chain and sales channel, MOTI’s position as a leading brand in the e-cigarette industry has become increasingly prominent.


Innovative Technology Mastered, Core Competition Barrier Made

According to the data (shown below), Chinese e-cigarette brands have exceeded 600. The number of Chinese e-cigarette companies has rapidly increased from 45,457 in 2013 to 168,452 in 2020. As of February 4th, 2021, the number of Chinese e-cigarette companies was 174,399. The industry continues to grow, and the competition becomes more intense. 

Chinese e-cigarette market

Number of Enterprises in Chinese E-cigarette Market from 2013 - Feb 2021

Even though the upsurge of capital drew many entrants into this industry, MOTI has always believed that in the long term, accumulation of technology, R&D strength, and product innovation are the foundation of a powerful brand.

As an early entrant, as well as a leader of technology, MOTI has always been on the road to seek the best solution for “ultimate taste and experience”. In 2020, the original patented technology MCU chip and Turbo Mode have been successfully applied on MOTI products, which greatly improve the taste and start the technology wave of temperature control in the prefilled pod system.

Different from the mainstream prefilled pod systems that use constant output power, MOTI MCU chip support frequency conversion which can customize optimal heating schemes. The device can recognize cold start, adjusting the working temperature to an appropriate level. The flavor loss is thus to be decreased greatly.

mcu chip MOTI

Furthermore, MOTI has won 15 international design awards, as well as over 100 patents in structural design and practical technology. The awards include Germany Green Product Award, America Muse Design Award, Paris DNA Design Award, etc.

Powered by the Products

MOTI adheres to the product as the basis and innovative technology as motivation. MOTI has the industry-leading product iteration capability and has successfully released a full line of products including prefilled pod system, smart pod mod, and disposable vapes: MOTI Classic, MOTI Spark series (disposable vapes), MOTI Mega, MOTI·S LITE, MOTI·X, and MOTI·C Arise.

Whenever a new MOTI product is born, there will be new technology, upgraded function, and application of new material that solved pain points in the market. In 2020, MOTI launched the world’s first DTL disposable vape MOTI Mega. In January 2021, the premium pod system MOTI·S Lite was faced with the public and brought the ultimate taste to the customers. In July and August, MOTI will release MOTI·C Arise, a low price yet high-quality starter kit for beginners, and another original pod system with a cotton coil.

MOTI Product Lines

Take the Responsibility

Data shows that in 2020, the global e-cigarette market sales continued to rise, reaching 42.4 billion U.S. dollars, a year-on-year increase of 15.6%. MOTI believes that the market will keep growing as the need to quit smoking is rising. 

What’s more, the policy in each region is also changing with time. Even though the market and policy are unpredictable, MOTI is always actively prepared for the change and not afraid of any obstacles. MOTI founded Shield Project to protect underage from smoking. On one hand, the packaging of MOTI products strictly follows local policies. On the other hand, MOTI carefully selects distributors and partners, collaborating with them to build a healthy market together.


Source: 36Kr

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