MOTI Donates Cash and Medical Equipment to Corona-virus Relief Efforts in Wuhan
BY Chelly Hong @ February 14, 2020

The pneumonia epidemic of new-type coronavirus infection in Wuhan and other places has become increasingly serious recently, and it’s still in short supply of human protective stuff in epidemic areas. After the outbreak of the epidemic, the entire MOTI company closely monitored the progress of the epidemic.

The management committee of MOTI Company decided to donate 100,000 yuan to Wuhan Charity Federation for urgent use. The donation will be used for the procurement of hospital protection and treatment of urgently needed supplies under the guidance of the Charity Federation to support the new coronavirus pneumonia Prevention and control work. At the same time, through multi-party coordination, MOTI urgently prepared protective materials worth 30,000 Chinese yuan and donated to Wuhan Children's Hospital. MOTI hopes to contribute something to winning this battle without gunpowder.

We pay tribute to all the medical staff and unknown heroes fighting on the front line, and we hope you overcome the epidemic as soon as possible and return safely! With firm confidence, mutual help, scientific control, and precise policy, we can embrace the spring blossoms after the storm.      ——MOTI 

According to the information from the National Health Commission of the PRC, Wuhan coronavirus epidemic is still spreading fast, Over 60 thousand case confirmed.

For the period ending to 14th Feb, 64,386 cases have been confirmed globally, suspected cases are reaching up to 13,435. And 1490 died already. Only 7054 are healed.

This epidemic might origin from wild animals, Its transmission routes include human-to-human infection, medical staff infection, and community-based spread.

MOTI is a leading e-cigarette brand, it also known for their charity work in Paraguay. At the end of the year 2019, they worked with authorities in Paraguay to combat the fire disasters in the country, donated a batch of fire helmets to the Paraguayan Fire Department to help fire fighting operation and equip the participants with reliable and effective protections.

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