MOTI Shine Again At the Dubai World Vape Show, and MOTI K Pro Won the MENA Award
BY James Miller @ June 26, 2023

MOTI recently attended the Dubai World Vape Show 2023 to showcase its latest innovative vape products and technologies. The event was held at the Dubai World Trade Centre and brought together top vape brands and enthusiasts from all over the world.

As an international vape exhibition, the popularity of the MENA World Vape show is no less than that of Europe. The exhibition in Dubai coincides with the summer of the year. At present, in Dubai, the temperature is high, but it still cannot stop the gathering of all kinds of e-cigarettes such as vape manufacturers, brand owners, and distributors from all over the world.

It is reported that the scale of this Dubai exhibition is equivalent to 3.5 Premier League stadiums, with more than 1,000 brands and products, attracting more than 11,000 visitors, it can be seen that the popularity of this exhibition is high

MOTI's presence at the event was highly anticipated, as the brand has been leading the charge in vape innovation for several years. Visitors were eager to see what MOTI had in store for them this year and the brand did not disappoint. They unveiled a range of new products and technologies that are set to revolutionize the vaping industry.

Β At the booth, MOTI displayed its latest vape models, including the MOTI Ultra 6000, MOTI Zip 7000, and MOTI K Pro. Among them, MOTI Ultra 6000 and MOTI Zip 7000 are the most tried by visitors. The MOTI Ultra 6000, with its sleek design and excellent performance, caught the attention of many exhibitors. The MOTI Zip 7000, on the other hand, impressed visitors with its compact and lightweight design, making it easy to carry around.


However, it was the MOTI K Pro vape that stole the spotlight at the World Vape Show. MOTIΒ·K Pro is a cutting-edge vape in prefilled pod system history. It makes vaping smarter. You can switch between DTL and MTL by simply flipping the pod. K Pro pod applies an RC4 chip that recognizes and records pod info to show vape mode, battery, and juice level on the LED screen. Moreover, with META Tech and MCU chip, K Pro provides a denser and richer taste, and the 4C quick charging rate enables it to be charged within 30mins. flip the pod, and make the user enjoy the fun with no disturbance.

The MOTI K Pro vape received high praise from visitors and industry experts alike, and they awarded it the Best Closed Pod System Award in 2023. The award recognized the innovative design, functionality, and user-friendliness of the MOTI K Pro, making it an excellent addition to the MOTI product line.

The Dubai World Vape Show was the perfect platform for MOTI to showcase its latest innovative vape products and technologies. The event allowed vape enthusiasts from around the world to test and interact with MOTI's latest products, cementing their position as an industry leader in vape technology.

In conclusion, MOTI's participation in the Dubai World Vape Show Β 2023 was a huge success, demonstrating MOTI's commitment to innovating and creating cutting-edge products that meet the needs of all types of vaping users was demonstrated. In the future, MOTI will continue to innovate, combining cutting-edge technology with excellent design to create more outstanding products.

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