MOTI to Join South African Exhibition, Bringing More E-cigarette Options to The Market
BY Mozart Liu @ November 25, 2022

The largest and only e-cigarette exhibition in South Africa is coming again, and it is bound to amaze South Africa again!
This year, it will be presented to you with a more perfect posture! The 2-day VapeCon 2022 will showcase the best of the South African vaping industry with vendors, competitions, live entertainment and more from South Africa and around the world!

Many e-cigarette brands will participate in this largest e-cigarette event in the southern hemisphere, and Chinese e-cigarette brands will also bring new products to meet users from various countries.

MOTI will focus on disposable electronic cigarette products at this exhibition, such as the MOTI Beaker 5000, which won the best MUSE design award, and various disposable products with super portability and novel shapes will make a stunning appearance.

The strong product power brought by the concept of "long-termism" has always been the "killer card" for MOTI electronic cigarettes to open up the market. Whether you are a novice user or a professional user, you can find a product that suits you at the MOTI booth. Thanks to MOTI's strong product capabilities and matrix operation strategy, MOTI products can cover more people and markets overseas.

In order to cooperate with the brand's going global strategy, MOTI has launched a new year's brand overseas plan. The first shot was launched in Malaysia in March this year. The conference themed "LEVEL UP YOUR SENSE" brought out the flagship product MOTI K PRO at the beginning of the year. Pro means a multi-faceted upgrade. With MOTI's vigorous store opening support plan, let The e-cigarette market in Southeast Asia has set off a MOTI trend. Follow-up has left footprints in many exhibitions in Europe, Southeast Asia and so on. MOTI develops product lines for major e-cigarette markets around the world, increases research and development efforts, expands brand coverage with product differentiation and cost-effective advantages, and accelerates the deployment of overseas e-cigarette markets.

For the needs of the South African market

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