MOTI: Why Are People's Enthusiasm for Tobacco Still Undiminished Under the Pandemic?
BY Mozart Liu @ September 09, 2022


MOTI is planning to show up at the world's largest HOOKAH Show -- the Russia Hookah Club Show, with many new vape products on 10th September, aiming to get more market share in Russia, a reliable source from the MOTI team states.

 For Russia, hookah culture is primarily a culture of communication. The hookah ritual allows you to put down the phone and look into the eyes of the companion. This is a new format of recreation when relaxation and leisure time at the table in the company of friends is possible without alcohol. Hookah is a lifestyle and subculture that has found a very big response in Russia.

 This is consistent with MOTI's product philosophy. MOTI's new product, the MOTI X Mini, is specially designed for POD MOD vapers and POD users. It not only combines the exquisiteness of the POD system product, but also the massive vapor volume of the POD MODs. It makes users reluctant to put it down as soon as they get started, and it has become a social tool to praise the circle of enthusiasts. Allowing different e-cigarette enthusiasts to gather together to form a new and healthier circle of smokers. This MOTI X Mini undoubtedly achieves this.


Why join this show? Because even a person not related to the hookah industry will be amazed and surprised by the splendor of the event, professionals and the people associated with hookahs must attend this event to be aware of the latest world’s hookah trends. After all, the entire hookah industry will be here!

 At first, it was a relatively small hall of 3,500 square meters, and we expected 1 000 visitors. And when 2 700 people visited the exhibition in the first year, it became clear that we needed to expand. The next year there were already 8,000 square meters and 5 000 people showed up!  In the last year, 10 000 people came to an area of 20,000 square meters. We realized that the exhibition was becoming more and more famous when not only Russian visitors but also those coming from abroad were making a countdown until the next Hookah Club Show event! This event became a starting point for the "hookah” year, just like New Year’s Eve somehow. It became clear that my initiatives were not in vain.


This time, MOTI brings its latest products to the show, according to the team, MOTI’s products cover disposable series, Pod mod system like the hot seller MOTI X Mini, and the MOTI X, the MOTI Play, rechargeable disposable the MOTI Beaker 5000, MOTI ROLLER, and replaceable pod like the MOTI One 4000, an upgraded version of the MOTI One 2500, Visitors are sure to find a product they like.


More stunning products please do not miss out on the show this weekend!

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