MOTI's Full Product Line Caters to Indonesian Market's Demand for Harm Reduction Products
BY Mozart Liu @ July 04, 2022

The most popular vaping product among Indonesian vape enthusiasts is disposable vape products. This claim was confirmed at the recent MOTI new product launch.


As the most important commodity mindset building land in Southeast Asia, Indonesia is the Top 2 markets for many vape brands to enter. Indonesia has some of the highest tobacco use rates in the world and relatively lax tobacco control regulations, making the country an ideal expansion destination for e-cigarette brands. E-cigarette use in the country has been growing steadily since 2015 and is expected to soon become the largest e-cigarette market in Southeast Asia.



What could be causing this rise? The benefit of Harm Reduction of vaping is increasingly recognized by users in the region, and of course, vaping brands are actively promoting and selling their products on social media and using content designed to reach their ideal consumers: young people.

At the forefront of this track is MOTI, one of the very first e-cigarette brands that explored the practice of e-cigarette export. MOTI has the most mature e-cigarette product line, including disposable e-cigarettes, rechargeable disposables, as well as POD MOD systems, and personal high-end e-cigarettes.


As you can see from this new product launch event, MOTI's new product launch includes many products. There are the POD vape model MOTI S Lite, as well as the disposable vape star model, the MOTI POP. Of course, the MOTI PIIN 2+, which is the main hit of this new product launch event, is an upgraded version of the MOTI PIIN 2. With the puffs amount increased, its taste has also improved to a higher level.


The MOTI PIIN 2+ has a cylindrical appearance that combines a chic white device body with a bright and cool colored mouthpiece, each color is a flavor, clean but eye-catching. This tubular disposable electronic cigarette has a built-in 950mAh battery, which can bring more than 2000 puffs and strong throat hits.


This tubular disposable electronic cigarette has a built-in 950mAh battery, which can bring more than 2000 puffs of strong throat-hits


The MOTI S Lite is a premium pod system designed for ultimate taste. Powered by the MCU Chip and customized FEELM coil, the onsite visitors cited that, MOTI S Lite brings a smoother taste with denser clouds compared to other products.

As the major e-cigarette market in Southeast Asia, the Indonesian e-cigarette market shows a preference for the practicality of e-cigarette products. Many of Moti's products have received sounding selling records in Indonesia. According to the dealers present, the best-selling type of electronic cigarette in Indonesia is the disposable electronic cigarette. Because of the richness of Moti's products, more and more users are interested in its products. The popularity is also increasing.

MOTI is an e-cigarette brand founded in 2018 with a vision to help people quit smoking. The MOTI team has been active in this industry for years and has developed many innovative vape products. MOTI focuses on product development, and improvement based on user experience to continuously provide products that are innovative and user-friendly. MOTI owns a high-standard manufacturer team. It also works closely with reliable partners such as SMOORE and VAPORESSO to promote the industry moving forward.


The last one we could not miss is this star product, MOTI POP, which has gained many fans and users in many countries and regions and has also attracted much attention. Its cute appearance will make people fall for it for the very first time.


 We will focus more on the new products from different brands, aiming at a harm reduction new vaping community. 



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