Shining on the stage:MOTI drops Its latest product at Vapexpo Moscow 2019
BY Shopify API @ December 26, 2019

VAPEXPO MOSCOW 2019 is the only CIS international vape industry exhibition. The exhibition zone of VAPEXPO bought together with the vaping community and manufacturers in order to present and test new products of the vape industry. Every year, VAPEXPO MOSCOW gathers more and more community and has turned vaping into a culture.


On November 30th and December 1st, MOTI team brought its latest products to attend this event and had a very successful showcase of our brand at the event. To attract consumers, we invited big local influencers including @valleerii to try and display our products. He also helped promote our product on their social media channels.


 “If you are looking for a good starter, this is a good choice”, said valleerii.


During the exhibition, MOTI’s lucky roulette drew much attention from the crowd. The winners received the MOTI kit and other MOTI branded products such as MOTI t-shirt and power bank. The games successfully attracted hundreds of people to visit our booth and actively engaged with us. For this game, the MOTI team had giveaway 80 MOTI products. People crazily gathered around and queued up for playing the game while trying our products. Some of the buyers showed their interest in the product, “It’s very nice and compact to fit in the pocket, and it has convenient refillable pods and a great variety of flavors.” 



There’s another big thing from MOTI -- the amazing MOTI ONE, a compact product with ultimate flavor solutions and innovative filling system. MOTI ONE is the latest product line from MOTI that launched in November 2019, and it goes on global sales at the same time. Featured with extraordinary luxury design and simple 'One-Step' filling system, MOTI ONE has attracted a lot of attention, and the quick and easy filling system means delivery of instant enjoyment and unparalleled experience for users.



Leading the industry by setting the tone with the latest technology and groundbreaking creativity, MOTI positions itself as a pivotal and revolutionary e-cigarette brand. This time, MOTI has received much positive feedback from the audience and professional buyers. Live up to expectations of Russian consumers, MOTI will take more actions in Russia in the future.


Author:MOTI Official

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