Turning Cape Town Into a Vape Town? See What MOTI Vape Has Gotta Say!
BY Mozart Liu @ December 28, 2022

Who will be winning the South African e-cigarette market, this question will soon be answered at the end of the year.

A reliable source in South Africa points out that e-cigarettes and vaping products are growing in popularity in South Africa, both for recreational use and economic activity. An estimated 350,000 people use vaping products, with sales of R1.25 billion in 2019.ย Many vape brands are coming to this place!ย 

H2O NYE is one of the most festive New Year's festivals in South Africa, and Wild Waters Complex - Ekurhuleni Square is the best choice for New Year's Eve carnival. At the end of each year, the Wild Waters Complex's New Year's Eve event will become the focus of the city's attention. The H2O NYE New Year's Eve event has a history of 10 years since 2012. This is a city-wide carnival. People from all over the world gather in Times Square just to wait for the moment when the crystal ball falls and the fireworks fill the sky.

Who is the sponsor behind such a grand party?
Of course, it is the brand that has already won the favor of local consumers. As the first Chinese e-cigarette brand to go overseas, MOTI has a more mature product system and more overseas channels to reach more overseas consumers. This event is a New Year's Eve event for MOTI to give back to local consumers. The site will attract famous local music artists to sing and perform on the spot. Put a strong touch on the local New Year's Eve activities and add to the New Year's celebration atmosphere.

As a leading e-cigarette company, MOTI and other leading e-cigarette companies have early obtained the "Tobacco Monopoly Production Enterprise License (E-cigarette Brand Holder)" issued by the state this year. In terms of scientific research investment, MOTI far exceeds the average level of the industry. It has established its international R&D innovation center and a "2019 laboratory" that meets CANS standards, and has established research projects with many famous university laboratories; in terms of product production, to apply the latest research results of the most first-class e-cigarette production technology at home and abroad to the products, MOTI selects the world's top supply chain, cooperates with the global e-cigarette manufacturer Smoore, domestic and foreign suppliers of chips and batteries, etc. Establish strategic partnerships. In addition, up to now, MOTI has continued to invest in the production and development of core basic materials and the basic science of atomization health. It has nearly 200 invention patents, covering product appearance, structure, and other aspects, and all of them are applied to the magic flute. In Flute products, the upgrade and iteration of product functions are truly achieved. Because MOTI attaches great importance to product technology innovation, the new functions, new designs, and new experiences of various electronic atomizers that have been continuously explored since the establishment of the brand can always meet the diverse needs of users and bring the source of energy to users. A constant stream of new surprises.

And here comes the surprise!

Who do you want to spend the last day of 2022 with, and who do you want to greet the first bell of 2023 with? Is it a friend, a family member, or a partner? In the new year, why not join the H2O NYE New Yearโ€™s Eve Carnival with your loved ones? Starting from the unique New Year's Eve and starting the new year's journey, I believe this will become an unforgettable memory for you!

New Year's Eve
On the twinkling stage, music and dance performances continue to heat the park. On New Year's Eve, the atmosphere on the scene reached its peak, so you can look forward to it.ย 

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