【ecigclick】Moti Vaporesso X Mini Pod Kit Review – Mini Grip, Giant Leap
BY Mozart Liu @ October 14, 2022

Today it’s the turn of the Moti – Vaporesso X Mini Pod Kit for review.

Moti X Mini Pod Kit hand check picThe founder of Moti, simply know as MG, joined the vaping industry in 2010. He went on to join forces with the Vaporesso brand of Smoore so I’m assuming that’s a key influence for this collaboration.

Details are sketchy at the time of writing and there’s nothing on either manufacturer website to back up why they’ve joined forces with this pod kit.

Most folk are familiar with Vaporesso but what about Moti?

As a vape manufacturer, Moti are based in Las Vegas over in the US. As well as integrating R&D with distribution they have over 5000 retail stores employing over 1000 members of staff.

They currently supply vaping products to over 30 countries across the globe.

Moti constantly strive for cigarette alternatives and they achieve this through diverse vape product lines. These are often unusual in design, creating different aesthetics.

One only needs to take a quick glance at the X Mini Pod kit for proof of that!

What Can We Expect From The Moti Vaporesso X Mini Pod Kit?

The original Moti Pod Kit was reviewed back in 2019. It had a traditional look and feel with its disposable and replaceable pods. The Moti X Pod Mod kit was completely different with its chunky appearance, colour screen and UV disinfection cap.

moti x mini banner

The Moti Vaporesso X Mini bears no similarity to the Moti X although it does fall within the same ‘innovator series’.

There are no bells or whistles with the kit. Hit the fire button and away you vape!

The PC material weaves its magic to display the ‘visible circuit design’

Moti X Mini Pod Kit side view image

The review pod holds 4ml of e-liquid but there is a 2ml TPD compliant one for those in the UK or EU.

Adjustable airflow is controlled by spinning the pod inside the battery section. It’s an effective technique and it’s been used many times before.

The pod kit doesn’t use a screen and there’s no wattage control. Moti relies on APC (adaptive power control) to make the most of current battery charge.

The built in MCU chip is capable of distinguishing between different vape scenarios. For example, chain vaping and extended inhales are taken into account. The chip then adapts to these habits by providing an appropriate power output.

Moti chip control

Pretty clever stuff if you ask me!

I’ve been provided with the galaxy silver colour scheme for the purposes of review. There’s also Gunmetal Grey, Aegean Blue, Mystic Purple, Aurora Cream and Space Grey to choose from.

Moti Vaporesso X Mini Pod Kit – Inside the Box

It comes in a slip case with the instruction manual sitting on top of the contents. The battery section nestles inside foam protection with thumb cut outs and a lift tab. Very thoughtful for impatient buggers like me! lol

Removing the foam layer reveals a carton of extras.

  • X Mini device
  • X Pod
  • Mesh X35 PNP coil (0.35ohm) – pre-installed
  • Type C USB charging cable
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

Moti X Mini Pod Kit unboxed image

Moti Vaporesso X Mini Pod Kit – Specs

  • Dimensions: 72.3mm x 25.4mm
  • Pod capacity: 4ml/2ml
  • Power output: 10-29W
  • Battery capacity: 1150mAh
  • Charging current: DC 5V/1A Type C
  • Material: Aluminium Alloy/PC

Moti Vaporesso X Mini Pod Kit – Design and Build Quality

The Battery Section

As mentioned the poly carbon material comes in very useful, its transparency being put to good use with the kit. It has a very tough and durable finish too, capable of withstanding everyday knocks.

Moti X Mini pod kit showing chip and battery transparency image

The upper third is comprised of a spray coated aluminium alloy which helps to keep the overall weight down.

The battery has a circumference of around 26mm which makes it very portable and pocket friendly.

The dual fixed airflow ports measure around 10mm in width, allowing for plenty of airflow.

Moti X Mini Pod Kit wide airflow port and raised fire button imageA type C USB charging port is built into the base of the battery section. Although it’s flattened off, don’t expect the pod kit to stand vertically for very long.

Moti X Mini Pod Kit type C USB charging port imageLooking down inside the battery, two gold plated and spring loaded coil contacts are visible. There’s also a magnetised ring to ensure good contact with the pod itself.

Moti X Mini Pod Kit spring loaded coil contact points inside the battery sectionThe protruding orange coloured fire button bridges the alloy and PC material and is extremely quiet when pressed. Oddly enough, it doesn’t illuminate.

That’s left to the bright blue LED positioned at the base of the battery.

This blue LED is responsible for a multitude of safety precautions so while we’re on the subject let’s go through those.

LED Prompts

  • Long blue light – Atomiser functioning
  • Blue light flashes three times – No pod detected / high resistance
  • Blue light flashes once – Low resistance / short circuit protection
  • Long blue light (half brightness) – Low battery
  • Blue light flashes 8 times – Overheat protection
  • Blue light flashes 10 times – Over vape protection
  • Continuous flashing blue light – Battery is charging

Once the battery is fully charged the LED stops flashing.

It will come as no surprise to learn it’s the usual five click to power the device on or off.

The Pod Section

It’s made of the usual PCTG material and is perfectly clear. That’s a massive bonus given the majority of pod vapes distance themselves from glass tanks by using a smoked or tinted effect.

Moti X Mini Pod Kit pod image with X35 mesh coil shown insideFrom the top of the mouthpiece to the base, the pod measures approximately 40mm. Its width is exactly 22mm.

The moulded (non removable) mouthpiece has an opening of 7mm making it ideally suited for a direct lung vape.

On the underside, three magnetic contacts are strategically placed to co align with the ring inside the battery section.

The pod spins around inside the battery section to provide adjustable airflow.

Moti X Mini Pod Kit magnetic contacts on underside of pod image

The silicone stopper of the fill port is easy to use. It can also be swung round making the fill process much easier. As always with me – it’s the little things..

This sounds like an ideal time to run through the filling procedure.

How To Fill The Pod

The X35 mesh coil is plug and play so it’s simply a case of pushing it up inside the pod. There’s no wrong way of doing this but remember to make sure it’s firmly seated.

  • Pull the silicone plug out of the pod and swing it clear of the opening
  • Gently squeeze e-liquid into the pod chamber, making sure not to overfill
  • Moti X Mini Pod Kit filling the pod imageReplace the plug back into the pod ensuring a snug fit
  • Snap the pod into the battery section and leave the e-liquid to soak into the cotton for around five minutes

A minimum fill level has been stamped on the side of the pod. As long as juice doesn’t fall below the wicking ports there shouldn’t be any issues.

Moti Vaporesso X Mini Pod Kit – How Does It Perform?

I carried out my first test of the X35 mesh coil using IVG Strawberry Jam Yoghurt, a 70VG/30PG juice ratio with freebase nicotine applied to the short fill.

If any of these terms are over your head – have a read of our handy guides below!

Moti X Mini Pod Kit X35 mesh PNP coil image 2The vape from a freshly charged battery is quite strong. Extended draws work a treat with airflow wide open and there’s no sign of dry hitting.

I got a fullness in the mouth usually associated with higher powered sub ohm devices. This was adequate proof the mesh was responding well. As a consequence, vapour production was thick with plenty of volume.

As for that all important flavour? It was more than adequate, producing some impressive dairy notes. The creaminess of the Yoghurt was consistent with every exhale and the fruity notes were sweet and tasty as well.

Flavour distribution is good and best with airflow left wide open. The 0.35ohm mesh coil seems to favour that setting. It’s still good when restricted but the pod does start to warm up a touch.

I didn’t notice any turbulence either and the vape was smooth with minimal noise generated during inhale. Further restriction reduces noise levels further still

50VG/50PG Juice Ratio

Even when testing various degrees of airflow restriction the vapour production is surprisingly good for a thinner juice ratio. It’s certainly dense enough and the room soon fills with a thin layer of hovering vapour!

Moti X Mini Pod Kit X35 mesh PNP coil image 1For flavour testing I used Original C Very Berry with a 3mg freebase nic content. The dark fruits did pull through but were somewhat flat during exhale. They came across as a bit wishy washy but still good enough for those less picky.

The berries just weren’t as bright, vibrant or popping in the way I expected – regardless of airflow settings.

I think the coil favours the thicker juice ratio out of the two tested. More so in terms of flavour texture, tone and richness. However in either case leakage still occurs from the O-rings of the PNP coil.

Expect the battery to last the duration of a pods worth of e-liquid (4ml).

Airflow Performance

I got a good semi restrictive direct lung vape with the airflow wide open. That’s where the vape is at its loudest but it never becomes annoying. As already stated there’s nothing in the way of turbulence either.

Air bubbles collide and rise to the surface of the pod – indicative of efficient wicking.

The pod needs to be rotated around two thirds before there’s any noticeable difference to airflow. In doing so it creates a restrictive lung vape but doesn’t intensify flavour properties to any great extent.

Battery Performance

To be honest it’s a bit of a let down. At best, with standard vaping patterns (not chain vaping) I harvested around three and a half hours. I found that somewhat disappointing from a 1150mAh battery.

During the last hour of available charge the flavour and vapour production also began to suffer. That’s compounded by not actually knowing how much battery life is left. The LED remains a resolute blue colour throughout all stages of drain.

It simply flashes five times and switches off. Time for fast type C charging to do its job.

A pulsing blue LED indicates a charging battery which takes around 80 minutes to complete. If you’re desperate for a vape, pass through charging is an option.


  • Lightweight and pocket friendly
  • Decent direct lung vape with good vapour production
  • Blue LED visible in direct sunlight
  • Quick and easy to fill on the go
  • Easy to view remaining e-juice levels through the clear PCTG pod


  • Prone to leaking
  • Won’t stand upright and can’t be charged in a vertical position
  • Only a blue LED indicator for all eventualities
  • Poor battery life
  • Adaptive power control – unable to manually alter power settings (subjective)
  • Omission of auto draw (subjective)
  • No battery indicator

Moti Vaporesso X Mini Pod Kit – Final Review verdict

There’s absolutely no way of ascertaining the level of power being supplied to the mesh coil. It’s also odd that there’s only a single colour LED to indicate everything that’s going on.

How do we know when the battery is reaching the end of its current charge? The green/blue/red LED system always works well so why change it?

For such a portable and convenient design I’d liked to have seen an auto draw feature included. Having said that, the raised fire button is easy enough to locate without looking. It’s also responsive enough.

As far as adaptive power control is concerned, it’s difficult to say. The vape seemed as powerful and consistent until around the last hour of battery drain. That’s when flavour properties began to degrade – so don’t expect miracles..

The Moti Vaporesso X Mini won’t suit a new vaper in my opinion. The airflow is more suited to a direct lung (DTL) vape. So it will be ideal for someone who’s familiar with sub ohm tanks tanks but looking for a more pocket friendly alternative.

The flavour is good, the vapour production better but the thing that impressed me the most was its tiny, pocket friendly design.

Oh and I know it’s purely aesthetical but I really dig the visible circuit design.

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