Mojo Disposable Vape Review – An Inexpensive & Disposable Device
BY Chelly Hong @ February 21, 2020

If you’re a fan of small pod system vapes like the JUUL and the STIG, then we have the perfect review for you today.

The Mojo Disposable Vape is an inexpensive and disposable vaping device by MOJO US, who are based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Each device comes pre-charged and pre-filled with nic salt, and is aimed at current smokers looking to make the switch and/or those in search of an easy to use, hassle-free vaping device.

The team here at Versed Vaper have been busy testing and vaping away on five Mojo Pod flavors, and in this Mojo Disposable Pod review I’m going to go over everything that you need to know.

So, should you get your Mojo on? Keep reading to find out!

What’s In The Box

Each Mojo Pod Device comes neatly packaged in a small but attractive box. The flavor inside is clearly depicted on the front of the package so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Inside of the box, the Mojo Pod is sealed for freshness in plastic packaging. This packaging is themed to the flavor that you purchased. For example, there are little melons on the “Cool Melon” packaging. I thought that this was really neat and fun.


Mojo Specifications

  • All in One Device
  • Draw Activated System
  • 1.2ml E-Liquid Capacity
  • 5.0% Nicotine Salt (50mg)
  • Seven Different Flavors
  • Non-Refillable
  • Pre-Charged, Built-In Battery
  • Up to 250+ Puffs Per Mojo Device
  • Fully Disposable

Mojo Pod Devices are currently available in seven flavors: Cool Melon, Ice Pineapple, Classic Tobacco, Menthol, Lemon Dessert, Strawberry, and Cubano.

Design & Build Quality

Mojo Classic Tobacco

My first thoughts upon holding the Mojo Pods were how small, sleek, and lightweight they are. They’re about the size of a traditional USB-stick drive and almost as light as a feather. The Mojo Pods are made out of plastic and are well built with no imperfections on any of the units that we tested.

As a neat touch, the plastic on the Mojo Pods have a matte finish on the top and bottom, with a shiny finish on the sides.  And apart from the Mojo logo on the top of the device, there’s no other branding. This gives the device a really clean and sleek look.

Each Mojo Device is color-coordinated and themed to its flavor so that it’s easy to tell which is which. For example, Lemon Dessert is a white pod with a yellow Mojo logo, while Ice Pineapple is a white pod with a dark orange logo.

While they are called Mojo ‘Pods’, they aren’t truly a pod system in the way that you may be used to. There is no removable ‘pod’ portion to the Mojo Devices, and they can’t be refilled. Instead, the Mojo Pods are pre-filled and pre-installed with 1.2ml of eliquid. This eliquid is 5.0% salt nicotine (50MG) and is a nice salt nicotine ratio that should satisfy most smokers. The battery is built-in to the device, and is pre-charged and non-rechargeable or removable.

Mojo Pods are designed to give about 250+ puffs, which is approximately the same as a pack of twenty cigarettes. Once the puff life cycle of the device is finished and the battery is dead, you’re done with the device and it can be properly disposed of. (IMPORTANT: Because Mojo Disposable Pods contain a lithium-ion battery, they should be disposed of properly. Mojo have made this easy by providing a recycling locator.)

Considering how small, light, and inexpensive they are, Mojo Pods are definitely an attractive option for cigarette smokers looking to switch.

Adding to their ease of use, Mojo Pods are draw activated. Once you pull out the tiny mouthpiece plug and remove the seal tape from the bottom, you’re good to go. There’s no button to press, simply draw on the mouthpiece and inhale.

When you draw on a Mojo Pod, a light on the bottom of the device will illuminate to let you know that it’s working. This light is extremely bright. To be honest, I think that you could probably get more puffs out of the device if the light was dimmer. This is the one thing that I really disliked about the device as it made it impossible to stealth vape. I hope that this is dimmed a bit in future iterations of the device.

Overall, the design and build quality of the Mojo Disposable Pods are very good. They are lightweight, portable, and very user-friendly. However, most important is how they perform!

Performance & Vapor Quality

 Mojo Performance & Vaping Quality 1Mojo Performance & Vaping Quality 1Mojo Performance & Vaping Quality 1Mojo Performance & Vaping Quality 1Mojo Performance & Vaping Quality 1

I really wasn’t sure what to expect from the Mojo Pod Devices. Small disposable vaping devices have gotten a bad reputation from all of the really terrible ones you find in gas stations, and so I was preparing for the worst. But after trying the five Mojo Pod flavors for a week, myself and the rest of the Versed Vaper team have been pleasantly surprised.

The draw on the Mojo Pod is very tight, and closely mimics that of a cigarette pull. After a brief 1-2 second inhale, you get a smooth clean vapor and a nice throat hit to go along with it. Because Mojo Pods use nicotine salt eliquid at 5.0% nicotine strength (the same as a JUUL pod), they provide a very satisfying vape. This will definitely be enough to subside nicotine cravings for those looking to make the switch to vaping.

At first, the draw from the Mojo Pod is very strong and dense. However, the draw gradually weakens with use until the device is out of battery. In our testing, we found that a Mojo Pod would last about 2-3 days of moderate to heavy vaping use. This worked out to be around 250 puffs per device. There seemed to still be a little bit of juice left in the device once the battery died, but I assume that they added a little extra ejuice to ensure that there would be no dry hits.

To help you decide which Mojo Pod flavor is right for you, a few of the Versed Vaper team members tried the Mojo Pod lineup:

Flavor Profiles

Cool Melon – Blend of Juicy Honeydew Melon with Cool MentholMojo Cool Melon

“If you’re a fan of refreshing fruit flavors then this is the perfect Mojo for you! Freshly sliced and ripe honeydew flavors rush through your mouth with every puff while a blast of icy menthol cools you down on the inhale. Great for the summertime!”

Matt: Very refreshing and light taste. Not a flavor you see often, and I found it to be a nice change.

Danielle: This flavor reminds me of a honeydew ice cream or drink; something cold. Maybe my favorite flavor.

Adam: You can immediately tell that the flavor is honeydew with this one. Really tasty flavor and the menthol isn’t too overpowering. I’m a fan.

Robert: The flavor is unique and I like it, but it isn’t something I could on vape all day. I could see myself vaping this from time to time, though.

Ice Pineapple – Mouthwatering Exotic Pineapple With a Hint of Icy MentholMojo Ice Pineapple

“A sweet taste of tropical paradise, Mojo Ice Pineapple transports you to a lush island with its refreshing pineapple citrus flavor. Juicy pineapple taste is complimented by a hint of cooling menthol, providing a refreshing tropical fruit flavor on every puff. If you enjoy tropical flavors then Ice Pineapple is the perfect Mojo for you!”    

Matt: This one is right up my alley. Pineapple is one of my favorite flavors, and this flavor tastes great. For a disposable, the flavor is superb.

Danielle: Very pleasant, like chewing on a stick of citrus pineapple bubblegum. I feel like this flavor is a less powerful menthol than the Cool Melon.

Adam: I think that this one is probably my favorite flavor. The menthol is light and smooth, and the pineapple taste is very strong and at the forefront of the flavor profile.

Robert: Very smooth and nice to vape on consistently. I think that this flavor might be the best of the bunch.

Classic Tobacco – Bold Turkish Tobacco BlendMojo Classic Tobacco

“Are you craving the flavor of real cigarettes but can’t find an electronic cigarette that’s right for you? The classic tobacco Mojo is perfect with its bold Turkish blend, which accurately recreates the sensation of smoking a full flavored cigarette, quitting cigarettes is easier than ever!”

Matt: I would consider myself a Tobacco flavor connoisseur, and I’m on the fence with this one. I like the flavor, but it isn’t my type of tobacco flavor. However, I do think this is a tobacco flavor that will appeal to a lot of cigarette smokers.

Danielle: I’m not a tobacco fan at all, but like Matt, I feel that this is perfect for cigarette smokers.

Adam: I found there were almost maple-like notes in this Tobacco blend, and this made it even better. If you’re a smoker, I would try this Mojo Pod.  

Robert: I love how smooth this vapes. The throat hit is great and I found this to go great with a coffee. Just like a real cigarette, but better in every way.

Menthol – Spearmint & Menthol MedleyMojo Menthol

“A refreshing cool blast of minty spearmint infused with an icy menthol finish that will have you thinking twice whether you just took a vape hit or menthol cough drop. Each puff is just as refreshing as the next, especially during the summer time.”

Matt: This menthol taste is very strong, and not particularly for me. Some others might like it, though.

Danielle: The vapor is nice paired with the spearmint flavor. Very refreshing vape for a menthol smoker.

Adam: I’m not usually a menthol fan, but it’s still a nice flavor. I wouldn’t vape this all day myself, but I can definitely appreciate the minty notes.

Robert: I myself am a huge menthol fan, and I found this vape to be very satisfying and tasty. It’s not too overpoweringly minty, but just enough and very smooth.

Lemon Dessert – Indulgent Yellow Cake with Lemon ZestMojo Lemon Dessert

“The sweet taste of freshly baked yellow cake with tangy lemon zest. Satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with delicious this Lemon Dessert Mojo. A combination of sweet vanilla, buttery yellow cake, and freshly grated lemon zest. If you love dessert flavors then the Lemon Dessert Mojo is a great choice!”

Matt: This flavor is the most subtle, and has light notes of cake and lemon. The cake is more at the forefront, while the lemon flavor is more of an aftertaste. I like it, but it could be stronger.

Danielle: With my favorite ejuice being Dinner Lady – Lemon Tart, this was more subtle but still pleasant. This could be my go to Mojo for sure.

Adam: The cake flavor is definitely more noticeable, with the lemon being more subtle. I think that if the lemon was a little more powerful, it would be perfect.

Robert: I’m not a big fan of this flavor. I didn’t particularly like the cake taste, and found it a bit light and airy.

Final Verdict

Mojo Disposable Pod Review

So what’s the verdict on the Mojo Disposable Pods? Honestly, I have to say that I’m impressed. They’re very well built, well thought-out devices. And while more advanced vapers might dislike the idea of a completely closed system, consider this: If you’re someone who is a cigarette smoker and you’re looking to switch to vaping, wouldn’t you want it to be as simple as possible? That’s the reason why a lot of smokers pick up a cheap, disposable cig-a-like from the gas station. And then, they rightfully hate it because it’s terrible and are turned off from vaping.

In this respect, I think Mojo have done a great job of researching their target market, and created a vaping product that is truly great for a consumer base that needed it. Simple and easy to use, I think they hit the nail on the head.

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