MOTI Box R7000 Disposable Review | Beast Mode Disposable With 7000 Puffs!
BY Mozart Liu @ November 21, 2022


Today we’re reviewing the MOTI Box R7000, a totally unique release from MOTI with an amazing 7000 puff capacity and theoretically the best battery life we’ve ever seen from a disposable!

If you’re not familiar, a disposable vape is exactly what you’d expect – you puff until you run out of e-juice and then just throw it away and open a new one.

And just like other disposables, the MOTI Box R7000 is auto-draw, so you just inhale on the mouthpiece to take a draw. No buttons to fiddle with, no controls to adjust, just pick up and vape.

Needing no introduction, MOTI is a company with a seriously impressive and innovative disposable vape range. We’ve been fortunate enough to review several of them over the years and jumped at the chance to review the MOTI Box R7000.

Spoiler alert – the R7000 is easily my favorite MOTI disposable to date.

Far from the standard disposable design, the MOTI Box R7000 is a two-piece disposable, with a rechargeable battery pack and separate e-juice pods.

Available in 11 delicious flavors, each e-juice pod contains 16ml of juice and will last around 7000 puffs.

The battery packs contain a 400mAh rechargeable cell – a slightly smaller capacity than we’re used to seeing in these larger rechargeable disposables. The beauty of the R7000 however, is the fact you can keep more than one battery pack with you and just swap it out when you run out of battery!

It’s such a fantastic concept for a disposable that when I first read the product design spec, I couldn’t believe it hadn’t been done before.

It’s not unfair to say the disposable market has become heavily saturated, with multiple products hitting the shelves each year. One after the other, often with the same basic design, with no real difference…

And it’s this departure from the same old recycled idea that really sets the MOTI Box R7000 apart for me.

With a fantastic, innovative design and heaps to offer in terms of performance, I’ll eat my hat if the R7000 isn’t the most popular disposable on the market by this time next year!

But enough of me waffling, let’s get stuck into the full MOTI Box R7000 review!

MOTI Box R7000 Disposable Review

Features & Specifications

Dimensions: 68.4mm (H) x 45mm (W) x 19mm (D) *
Weight: 58.6g
E-Juice Capacity: 16ml
PG/VG Ratio: Not Specified
Nicotine Strength: 50mg/ml Nic Salt E-Juice
7000 Puff Capacity
11 Different Flavors
Battery: Internal Rechargeable Battery (400mAh)
USB Type-C Charging Port (0.5A)
Coil Resistance: Not Specified (non-replaceable)
Coil Type: Mesh Coil
Output Power: Not Specified
Material: Zinc Alloy and Plastic
LED Puff Indicator
Airflow: Non-Adjustable

* Height does not include ‘straw’ mouthpiece – the total height including mouthpiece is 95mm. The width measurement given is total width, with the battery pack and e-juice pod attached.

What’s In The Box

Well this is awkward…


We don’t actually know what the packaging is eventually going to look like!

At the time of writing, the MOTI Box R7000 disposable hasn’t been released yet, so we’re getting a sneak preview of the device before the final design of the packaging is complete.

The MOTI Box R7000 is essentially a two-part disposable, with a battery pack and e-juice pods. We’ll get into this in more detail later, but as I explained in the intro, the e-juice pods attach to the battery and didn’t come pre-attached.

As you can see in the image above, the colored battery packs and e-juice pods were all sealed in a foil wrapper, which you just tear open to get started.

This foil wrapper is pretty standard for a disposable and it’s likely to form part of the final packaging design.

I’ve never had any complaints as far as the design of MOTI’s product packaging and I can’t see any reason to assume the MOTI Box R7000 will be any different. I’m sure all the usual information will be displayed on the box, including battery capacity, e-juice capacity, flavor, ingredients etc.

One thing I would like to see is the PG/VG ratio! I won’t bore you with the details, but I suffer from a mild PG intolerance and it always irks me that this information is never displayed on any of the disposables I’ve tested – from MOTI or otherwise!

I’m also quite interested to see what MOTI include with each disposable. As far as I know, the two-piece design is the first of its kind and I’m curious to see how MOTI handle the rollout of the R7000!

As the MOTI Box R7000 is yet to be released, I can’t comment on whether the retail price (also as yet unknown!) will include a single battery pack and e-juice pod, multiple packs and pods or some combination of the two.

However, if MOTI stay true to form I think we can expect the price to be reasonable. With each previous release, MOTI have consistently delivered in terms of value for money, quality and affordability.

MOTI Box R7000 | Design & Appearance

In terms of design, to my knowledge the MOTI Box R7000 is completely unique; the first disposable vape that doesn’t rely on an integrated battery. It’s easy to gloss over this and move on, but I think this is a huge improvement over the other disposable products on the market and I’m seriously impressed with the innovation on display.

The earliest disposable vape devices came with an internal, non-rechargeable battery. Which meant when you ran out of e-juice OR battery, the whole disposable had to be thrown away.

I’m not hating on these smaller disposables; in fact the Elf Bar 600 is one of my favorites!

But in recent months, we’ve seen a rise in the number of disposable vape devices designed to be rechargeable, with a much larger e-juice and puff capacity, such as the Yumi EPICmod.

Instead of throwing the disposable away after a single day of vaping, you can recharge it several times and vape it until you run out of e-juice.

For obvious reasons, these larger disposables last far longer than their non-rechargeable counterparts. Sometimes up to a week or more of heavy vaping before needing to be discarded!

We’ve tested a bunch of these larger, rechargeable disposables and we each have our favorite. I absolutely swear by the DJPUFF Flask 4999, while the iJoy Punk and even the Voltbar are incredibly popular with our review team.

These larger devices are a great upgrade over the non-rechargeable disposables for many reasons, but the whole disposable still had to be thrown away once you’d run out of e-juice.

With the MOTI Box R7000 however, the 16ml capacity e-juice pods detach from the rechargeable 400mAh battery and it’s only the empty e-juice pod that you need to throw away! Very similar in design to a closed pod system and in fact, you could even argue the R7000 more closely resembles a pod than a disposable!

Regardless, MOTI are marketing it as a disposable, and for the environmentally and ecologically minded among us, it’s not hard to see the enormous edge the MOTI Box R7000 has over its competitors!

Not to mention the potential financial benefit, assuming of course that MOTI make the R7000 e-juice pods available at a reasonable price…

Now that I’ve had my rant (Greenpeace you’re welcome!) – let’s talk about the actual appearance of the R7000.

Rectangular in shape with slightly curved corners, when both the battery pack and e-juice pod are attached, the MOTI Box R7000 measures 95mm in height (from the tip of the mouthpiece) by 45mm in width and 19mm in depth. It’s super comfortable to hold and small enough to fit easily in your pocket.

The e-juice pod section of the R7000 is white Polycarbonate with a soft, bendy plastic straw mouthpiece at the top of the disposable to draw on. We’ve seen this straw design previously on the Voltbar and it makes for a really comfortable draw.

On the front of the e-juice pod, the flavor name is printed vertically in grey, block capitals. On the right side of the e-juice pod (running the full height of the pod) is a slight indent which fits snugly into the battery pack.

On the bottom right facing surface of this indented section are two gold-plated battery connection pins and what I think (!) is a small airflow ‘inlet’ which fits into (and feeds through to) the airflow hole on the battery pack.

I couldn’t actually tell exactly where the airflow was coming from; the small hole on the battery pack I mentioned above appears to be the LED indicator that lights up when you take a puff or flashes when the battery needs to be recharged.

I did wonder if the Type-C USB charging port also functioned as the airflow, however I tried blocking both the charging port and the small LED and I could still draw on the MOTI Box R7000 with no noticeable loss of airflow…

The battery pack section of the MOTI Box R7000 is a thin Polycarbonate shell, available in 6 different colors, with ‘MOTI BOX. R’ printed on the front in white, block capitals.

On the left side of the battery pack, the Polycarbonate shell extends past the actual battery to allow the e-juice pods to click into place and connect the battery to the gold-plated connection pins.

On the right facing surface of the battery pack is the Type-C USB charging port and the small LED. I’ve talked about this before in our other reviews, but I love the placement of the charging port as it means you can stand the disposable upright while charging.

With a weight of 58.6 grams, the MOTI Box R7000 is quite light for a disposable with a 16ml e-juice capacity, and this is actually one of the only drawbacks. It’s not a major issue necessarily, but the Polycarbonate design and the surprisingly light weight make the R7000 feel a bit on the delicate side.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say the R7000 disposable feels flimsy, far from it. But it doesn’t feel as sturdy or resilient as some of the other larger disposables we’ve reviewed recently. It might be able to withstand an accidental drop, but I wouldn’t recommend keeping it in your back pocket…

All things considered though, I’m really impressed with the design of the MOTI Box R7000. It’s innovative, compact, super comfortable to hold and better for the environment!

MOTI Box R7000 | Performance

In terms of performance, the MOTI Box R7000 is an absolute beast!

The vapor production is surprisingly good for a disposable, with thick, fluffy clouds of dense, warm vapor. It’s not quite on par with a tank and mod set-up, but for a disposable it’s impressive nonetheless.

The auto-draw worked flawlessly, with zero ramp-up time or ’empty’ hits. If you’ve sampled your fair share of disposable vape devices, you’ll be familiar with the ’empty’ hit – you puff like usual but for some reason nothing happens. Thankfully, I didn’t experience this at all with the MOTI Box R7000.

Throat hit and airflow are absolutely spot on, with a satisfying, restrictive MTL draw. The airflow is non-adjustable, but the draw is just right – perfectly replicating the feel of smoking a cigarette.

The only caveat to the above is that the MOTI Box R7000 is only available in a 50mg/ml nicotine strength, which is a little stronger that I usually vape, so it stands to reason the throat hit was satisfying.

However, the MOTI Box R7000 seems to provide excellent, consistent nicotine delivery, with none of the harshness or faintness I’d usually experience vaping at this nicotine strength.

It is of course possible I simply got accustomed to vaping a higher nicotine strength. However, with some of the other 50mg/ml disposables we’ve reviewed I’ve felt like I’m getting a little too much nicotine in each puff, which was never the case with the R7000.

But where the MOTI Box R7000 really stood-out for me was in the quality of the flavor and the impressive battery life and e-juice capacity! I’ll talk more about the flavor in a moment, but in terms of battery life I’ve been getting a solid 12-14 hours of heavy vaping from a single battery pack!

Charging the battery packs takes about 45 minutes via the Type-C USB charging port, and MOTI were kind enough to send us 6 different battery packs, so I kept them all fully charged and simply swapped them out each time I ran out of battery.

Because the battery packs are so small, I had no problem carrying a spare or two in my pocket wherever I went – it’s super convenient and I can’t overstate how much I prefer this style of disposable over the standard rechargeable devices I usually vape.

Not to labor the point, but carrying a spare battery pack with you completely eliminates the dread of the ‘low battery’ LED you get with the other rechargeable disposables on the market. I’ve been caught out dozens of times like this in the past, and been forced to buy a totally new disposable because I’d forgotten to recharge the integrated battery!

The 7000 puff capacity e-juice pods come with 16ml of juice and a non-replaceable mesh coil (coil resistance isn’t specified), and again I was surprisingly impressed with how long each pod lasted.

I vape heavily throughout the day and night, and each pod lasted me an incredible 8-9 days! If you’re a light-medium vaper, each MOTI Box R7000 e-juice pod is likely to last you well over two weeks, possibly more!

I also really like the fact you can swap flavors whenever you want. If you like a little lychee grapefruit after breakfast, but spearmint after a heavy lunch, you just remove the e-juice pod from the battery and swap it with another pod!

Which is a nice segway into the standout feature of the MOTI Box R7000 for me personally, which is the incredible flavor! I’ll talk about each of the flavors available in the next section, but generally speaking, the R7000 is a flavor chaser's dream!

Each and every flavor is crisp, full-bodied, and complex, and MOTI have absolutely nailed the flavor profiles. Back in the day, you needed a decent RDA if you wanted to get the best flavor out of your e-juice, but I’m consistently surprised by the quality of the flavor output from these disposables!

Overall I’m really impressed with the MOTI Box R7000. The vapor production, flavor, battery life, and innovative design easily make the R7000 my favorite disposable to date!

MOTI Box R7000 | Flavors

MOTI is making the R7000 disposable available in a total of 11 different flavors, and they were kind enough to send us each of the flavors to sample.

MOTI didn’t actually provide a flavor breakdown, and I can’t find any description of the flavors on MOTI’s website, but I’ll do my best to describe each of the MOTI Box R7000 flavors below!

Blue Storm

Absolutely bursting with flavor, blue storm tastes like a sweet, tangy blend of blueberry and fizzy cola. The fizz isn’t overpowering like you get with some fizzy flavors, with blueberry very much the dominant note here.

It’s a delicious combination, especially in the warmer weather, and perfect for those with a sweet tooth. It reminds me slightly of a fizzy energy drink and it’s definitely a flavor I could vape all day!

Blue Razz Ice

Another mouth-watering fruity flavor, blue razz ice is a perfect blend of sweet, tart blueberries and fresh raspberries with a burst of icy freshness on the inhale.

MOTI have really hit the spot with this flavor; it’s sweet enough without being overpowering, while the tartness and icy kick really complement the overall flavor and leave you with an absolutely delicious aftertaste!

Citric Berries

Another strong entry, the citric berries flavor tastes like a mouthful of freshly picked oranges with a dash of lemon, rounded off with a blast of sweet, mixed berries on the inhale and a very slight icy kick on the exhale.

I didn’t know what to expect with this flavor as citrus e-juice is a ‘love it or hate it type of deal for most people. Truth be told, I usually find myself in the latter camp, but MOTI really seems to have an affinity for locking down these perfectly blended fruity flavors!

Aloe Grape

The aloe grape was the flavor I think I was most surprised by…

I absolutely hate 99% of the grape-flavored e-juice I’ve tried in the past. To me, grape-flavored e-juice always tastes synthetic and medicinal, leaving an unpleasant aftertaste.

But the addition of the aloe here totally changed this flavor for me! It’s a sweet, fresh flavor with a far more subtle profile than the standard candy grape, and the aloe gives it a unique, perfectly balanced flavor that I found myself coming back to again and again!

Peach Lemon

This flavor is a burst of fresh lemon and sweet, juicy peach with (to my palette!) a very slight icy coolness on the exhale.

Obviously, taste is subjective, and this flavor was probably my least favorite of the 11 available. It’s a full-bodied flavor, with complex notes and a crisp, fresh taste with plenty to offer. However, for me personally, this flavor had a little too much lemon and not enough of that delicious, juicy peach.

But don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad flavor by any means, and for those that like a bit of zesty lemon, I can see this flavor being a firm favorite.

Cola Fizz

The first of the non-fruity flavors available, the cola fizz is a perfect blend of sweet, sharp cola with a subtle fizziness on the inhale.

I absolutely love this flavor!

As with the blue storm flavor, the fizziness isn’t too overpowering or dominant, and the cola is perfectly blended, with a mouth-watering mix of sweet and tart that leaves a delicious exhale and aftertaste.

Lychee Grapefruit

The sweet, tropical lychee flavor is most prominent here, with a subtle citrusy grapefruit on the exhale.

It’s another fresh, full-bodied blend, absolutely bursting with flavor. I also love the fact the fruity flavors all taste like freshly picked fruit, with none of the sickly, sweet candy notes that come through with other disposables.

I know I’m at risk of sounding like a broken record, but this is another flavor I could easily vape all day!

Gummy Bear

This was actually the first flavor pod I tried and it’s really difficult to describe!

I get a sharp, sweet, fruity flavor on the inhale and a complex candy-like note on the exhale. In contrast to the other flavors, this one does taste exactly like candy and it works perfectly with this blend!

It’s the perfect flavor for those with a sweet tooth and another all-day vape for me!

Crispy Apple

I’m not usually the biggest fan of apple flavors, but MOTI’s version hit the spot perfectly for me!

There’s nothing particularly complex about it, but it’s absolutely bursting with a crisp, sharp apple flavor with a sweetness that lingers long after each puff.

I don’t know if it’s a flavor I’d vape all day as I like the more complex flavor blends, but it’s definitely one to keep in your pocket for an after-dinner vape!

Kiwi Guava

A sweet, sharp kiwi on the inhale, with subtle guava on the exhale, this is another blend that’s absolutely bursting with flavor!

It tastes exactly like a tropical punch with heaps of flavor, without tasting too sweet or overpowering; perfect for a warm, sunny afternoon or to satisfy a sweet tooth.


The last of the flavors MOTI sent us, the spearmint is a refreshing blast of minty flavor with a definite icy kick on the inhale.

As with all of MOTI’s flavors, the spearmint is spot on. Not too icy or overpowering, but just the right blend.

It’s a simple flavor and perhaps not an all-day vape, but definitely, a refreshing change of pace if you fancy a break from the fruity flavors.

Overall I was really impressed with the flavor range! Each and every MOTI Box R7000 e-juice pod is full-bodied, crisp, and bursting with mouth-watering flavor. True to form, it’s clear MOTI has put a lot of care and effort into the flavor recipes.

My personal favorites were the Kiwi Guava and Blue Razz Ice, both of which absolutely explode with flavor!

MOTI Box R7000 | Price

As the MOTI Box R7000 hasn’t yet been released, we actually have no idea how it’s going to be priced! However, when you take into account the previous MOTI releases, I’m confidently optimistic that the R7000 will be marketed within the low-mid range price bracket.

MOTI generally offers fantastic value for money (especially considering the quality and care that clearly go into each product) and I’m sure the R7000 will be no different.

It’s also worth mentioning that the price of any disposable is still likely to be far cheaper than the equivalent cost of smoking. Especially if you were a heavy, chain smoker like I was. I was easily getting through more than a pack of 20 cigarettes a day and I’ve saved a fortune since making the switch!

As I mentioned previously, I’m also really curious to see what the retail price includes. I’m assuming you’d receive one e-juice pod and battery pack for the price, and then simply need to buy additional e-juice pods.

Although keeping in mind how handy it is to have multiple battery packs, I would definitely recommend buying a couple of spares!

At the time of writing, I could only find one online retailer displaying the MOTI Box R7000 and that’s You can’t pre-order the R7000 but it does give you the option to enter your e-mail address and be notified when it’s available to purchase.

The below link will take you directly to their website, but I’ll be sure to update this review as the MOTI Box R7000 becomes more readily available online. As well as this I’m sure there’ll be online shops offering great discounts on the R7000 in the near future so it’s worth keeping your eyes open.


MOTI Box R7000 | Verdict


  • Innovative design
  • Rechargeable removable battery
  • Incredible flavor
  • Long-lasting e-juice pods
  • Perfect MTL draw
  • Responsive auto-draw
  • Thick, dense vapor


  • Only available in 50mg/ml
  • Somewhat fragile design

During my time testing the MOTI Box R7000 I absolutely fell in love with it!

The unique and innovative design, outstanding flavor and vapor production, ease of use, and long-lasting battery/e-juice capacity all come together to produce one of the best disposable vape devices I’ve ever tested.

Combine that with the perfect MTL draw, a satisfying throat hit and an extremely comfortable mouthpiece and there really is nothing not to like!

I’m eagerly awaiting the official release of the MOTI Box R7000 as the samples MOTI sent me are nearly all gone and I’m actually reluctant to vape anything else!

I’m really hoping MOTI stays true to form and decides to stick with a reasonable retail price for the R7000. Regardless though, it’s my favorite disposable to date and I’ll definitely be front of the queue when these get released.

And there you have it, folks! We hope you enjoyed this review of the MOTI Box R7000 disposable! Please share this post far and wide, and please feel free to leave a comment below – happy vaping!



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