Moti Piin Disposable Vape Review
BY Alisa Yin @ April 04, 2020




The MOTI PIIN Disposable Vape is a pre-filled AIO device that’s cheap, compact, and super easy to use. The flavor and vapor production are also astounding! Furthermore, the MOTI PIIN won’t break the bank because it’s readily available online for a modest asking price. As a result, this device is perfect for smokers and new vapers. It requires no previous vaping knowledge to operate and can be set up within seconds.

 MOTI is a market leader when it comes to developing and manufacturing luxe e-cigarettes. MOTI takes great pride in continually developing its patented atomizer heating technology and expanding its flavor range. Each product looks and feels great in hand. MOTI’s back catalog includes the insanely popular MOTI Vape MOTI Pod System, which I was a huge fan of.




The MOTI PIIN Disposable Vape is a tiny device that measures 12mm’s in diameter by 104.5mm’s in length. It’s great for vaping on the go and can slip into almost any sized pocket. The 320 mAh battery comes conveniently pre-charged and ready to go. No need to worry about tanks or coils because it’s disposable. To fire, just inhale to activate. I did notice the occasional misfire, but that was because my mouth wasn’t directly on the mouthpiece.

The MOTI PIIN contains 1.6ml of eliquid and 20mg/50mg of nicotine salt. This equals roughly 380 puffs, which should last most vapers a few days to a week of heavy vaping. It features a long shelf life of 24 months and should be safely stored in a cool/dry place; out of the sun. The resistance output is 1.6 ohms, depending on how much battery you have left. This is pretty powerful for a pod of its size.



The MOTI PIIN is currently available in a wide range of flavors. This includes pineapple ice, tropical mango, blueberry parfait, banana frost, mung bean, yogurt drink, and also grape ice. I was lucky enough to try out their best selling flavors; classic tobacco, menthol tobacco, and jasmine tea. If you’re a current smoker I’d recommend either tobacco flavors. The taste was familiar, super smooth, and so easy to vape on.



The MOTI PIIN Disposable Vape is available from a variety of popular online vendors. The best price I could find was $7.95 USD. I think this is extremely affordable and well worth a purchase. Make sure to grab a few because they’re known to sell out fast. The MOTI PIIN is a no-fuss product that’s rather inconspicuous and aesthetic. It delivers an overall quality vaping experience that everyone can enjoy.




The MOTI PIIN comes in a beautifully designed package that contains 1 x disposable vape. The design on the box and also pod will reflect your chosen flavor. I really liked the two-tone color of the menthol tobacco flavor. It worked well with the black mouthpiece and bottom cap. The branding is subtle and contemporary. Overall an excellent job by MOTI keeping their branding consistent and also stylish.



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