Moti Play Review by Si Davies -- From Planet of the Vape
BY Mozart Liu @ November 11, 2022

Moti Play Pod Kit

Supplied by Moti for review
Price TBC

Though I have heard of Moti before, this is the first time I have reviewed or indeed tried anything from them. The all-new Moti Play looked very interesting so I took a punt, and I’m very glad I did, this little thing rocks!

  • Material: Zinc Alloy/PC
  • Pod Capacity 2ml
  • Coils: 0.45Ω Mesh / 1.00Ω Mesh
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • 510 Drip-tip
  • Auto-Draw & Button Fire
  • Variable Wattage 5-30 Watts
  • Screen Size: 0.96‑inch (diagonal)
  • Battery: 900mAh
  • Size: 80 x 44 x 12.5mm
  • Lanyard Mount (Lanyard Included)
  • Charging 5V/1A


The Moti Play comes in a nice little two-piece box with an outer sleeve showing a generic colour photo on the front and the specs and contents on the rear. Once removed, you have the instruction manual and warranty. The device is held in a well-presented plastic tray with a little flap with the accessories.

The accessories include a rather nice ribbon-style USB-C cable and a lanyard but wait….NO friggin second coil?! We are seeing this more and more these days which is really unfortunate and marred the unboxing a little, but that soon faded the first time I held the Moti Play.

First Impressions and Overview

Grabbing hold of the Moti Play for the first time, I couldn’t help but impress, this thing is very compact and reasonably light in weight but there’s a fair bit going on in the styling and features.

The front looks quite busy but all good. It has a slightly smoked polycarbonate cover over the screen and battery, the battery is wrapped in a cool Moti custom wrap with a large holographic X, and the pod looks well positioned and sits well into the design.

The thing that stands out while holding it is the 12.5mm thickness which feels super skinny, especially when you consider all the stuff packed into the body such as two buttons, a decent size screen, a USB-C port, and an adjustable airflow.

The rear is completely plain, and on the Silver version it is a gorgeous chrome mirror finish. Sure it’s a fingerprint magnet, but it is easy to clean and really adds to the overall look, if this is an issue for you then the other colours aren’t shiny and do not attract fingerprints in any way.

Above is the Grey version which has a satin finish, but there are around seven other colour to choose from.

The control buttons are interestingly placed; you have a ‘UP’ button positioned on the very top and a ‘FIRE’ button positioned on the one edge above the USB port. On the base is an adjustable airflow dial finished in red, it has a hole and a slot for MTL or RDL.

The weight is surprisingly light considering the metal body; it weighs in at just 79g and is a nice weight for a lanyard. It might not be the lightest pod kit, but I think the Moti Play sits into the pod/mod category and is light enough to wear around your neck.

The screen is pretty large for the form factor, a 0.96” OLED screen packed with a fair bit of info. It is sat behind a slightly smoked polycarbonate cover which is odd as it slightly blurs the info, but it still stands out clearly as the screen is nice and bright.

The pod fitting is interesting as it clips in magnetically from the side, this has been well engineered by Moti as it is surprisingly secure, try as I might I couldn’t flip it off by pushing from the back or front, it only comes off if you pivot it from the side outwards. It’s a detail that impressed me, and I’ve yet to experience the pod coming off accidentally during use or on a lanyard, however it might be an issue in a pocket or bag, but I’ve not had any issues at all.

The pod design is simple enough with a push-fit coil, the only coil provided is the MTL 1.0ohm mesh. There will also be a 0.45ohm mesh for RDL available, but the bit I was genuinely delighted to see is that the mouthpiece is removable and has a standard 510 fitting so you can use your own – nice one!

Coil specs:

  • 0.45Ω Mesh Coil 18~25W (RDL)
  • 1.00Ω Mesh Coil 10~16W (MTL)

Filling the pod is simple enough via a side-opening silicone bung, the coil gets in the way slightly but I managed to fill it up mess-free.


There’s not a whole lot to ‘Play’ with as the Moti Play is a variable wattage-only device:

  • 5 x FIRE = Turns the device on/off
  • Press & Hold UP and FIRE = Locks all buttons
  • Press UP = Increases the wattage (cycles)

That’s your lot, hardly a ‘PlayStation, and the fire button is unlikely to be used as it features auto-draw. The ‘lock’ function is ideal though as the auto-draw works in the locked state, also the device has an auto wattage and sets the wattage for you, but you can still adjust it within the limits of the coil if you desire.

Charging is USB-C at 5V/1A, the charging screen displays the percentage and an animated battery bar, and it took around fifty minutes to charge the 900mAh cell from 30%.

The included lanyard is easy to thread and is of decent quality, pleasingly it isn’t branded so it looks discreet. The length is about right, not too long as to swing and bash you around as you walk, and it sits just below my moobs.


I was actually praying that the Moti Play would perform well as I really loved the device so I could only hope it vaped as good as it looked and felt, happily it did!

Since the only coil included is the 1.9ohm for MTL, I set the airflow to the tightest I could and the device set the wattage automatically to 12 watts, and took it for a toot, and I was immediately satisfied. The flavour is on par with the best and the wattage was spot on, I did play with increasing it up and down but 12 watts was just right. The auto-draw performed well and was instant. The battery life was very good and lasted me pretty much a full day and night of heavy use.

I did have concerns about leaking due to the exposed base of the coil, but so far I haven’t experienced a drop, not even condensation, but I will be keeping a close eye on it as in my experience pods with exposed airflow holes in the coil always leak eventually (especially towards the end of the coil's lifespan).

By this point I was loving the Moti Play completely, I had swapped the mouthpiece to my own 510 drip-tip and it just felt a bit special overall. Due to the endless influx of review hardware, it takes something special to make it into my firm rotation of vapes I use in between reviews, and the Moti Play was an instant favourite.

I cannot think of anything like it, the closest I can think of is the Smoant Pasito but this is just so much better. The size is what makes it special, it vapes the same as a hell of a lot of stuff out there but this literally has the X factor.

Picking the Knit

I only had one proper con at this point and that’s the lack of a second or spare coil so I couldn’t test it for RDL, I had a couple of pedantic piss-takes though. Firstly on Moti’s product page it says "Thin as paper, Light as a feather". I weighed a feather and it was only 1g, I measured a piece of the thickest paper I had and it was 0.3mm thick, false advertising or do Moto have a massive feather and a mega thick piece of paper? The other thing is ‘Play in a digital way’, try as I might I couldn’t find Space Invaders in the menu!


Extracting the urine aside, I just love this superb little kit. Moti has managed to come up with a unique, refreshing design for this kit that stands out in a very crowded market, there’s nothing groundbreaking in the way it vapes but the design is quite innovative and very well-engineered to fit into such a small and light vape. Better still, it vapes as good as it looks.

The simplicity will make it an ideal starter kit but it still has plenty of appeal to experienced vapers. Without a doubt, I would buy this kit, in fact it is one of those vapes where I would find it hard to resist buying a second ‘spare’ one.


  • Skinny compact design
  • 900mAh cell
  • Great flavour
  • Large bright screen
  • 510 mouthpiece
  • Lanyard included
  • Auto-draw
  • Adjustable airflow
  • That little bit of special


  • Only one coil included

Final Thoughts and Score

The list of pros isn’t as long as I expected, but the reason this kit is special is mostly down to its design and feel of it. If you like the look of it and the size, I think you will love it as I do.

Score: 8.5/10 – Thin as 12.5mm thick paper, light as a 73g feather

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