Moti X Mini Review by Si Davies -- From Planet of the Vape
BY Mozart Liu @ November 11, 2022

Moti X Mini Pod Kit

Supplied by Moti for review
Price TBC

Time for something a little bit different from Moti, a pre-filled closed pod system but for sub-ohm DL (Direct Lung) users. I’ve never seen anything like it before but I’m not sure it’s something that’s actually wanted as its pretty wasteful? I will shove my scepticism to one side and give it a good test regardless (spoiler alert – the actual vape is sublime!)

  • 29W Power Output
  • 4ml/2ml pre-filled e-liquid pod capacity
  • 1150mAh internal Battery
  • 4/ml/2ml Refillable Vape Pod
  • Unique Open Circuit Design
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Works with Vaporesso x Moti X35 coils.


Before I crack on, I only received the Moti X device package which didn’t include a pod or coils as it is intended for the pre-filled pods which Moti also sent along. Now there is a refillable pod version or you can but the pod and coils separately, but for this review I will be covering the pre-filled pods.

The Moti X Pod/Mod is in a simple box with an outer sleeve displaying the device and contents, it all looks very sparse due to it not including a pod which is pretty unusual.

You simply get the Moti X battery mod, a pretty decent red USB-C charging cable, and the user manual/warranty, Impressed? Me neither.

Overview and First Impressions

With the underwhelming unboxing done, I did like the actual device with its transparent design and round shape. The domed base really made it feel comfortable and a bit different, the downside to that is that it’s a bit tricky to stand upright.

Butt (see what I did there?) the Moti X Mini really needs a pod in it before you can get a proper feel for what this kit is.

Charging is via USB-C and the cable plugs into the base, the LED status light is at the base and looks superb as it softly illuminates the whole base with blue. The way it diffuses into the black gradient just looks soft and soothing.


Well I use the term controls loosely as there’s very little to control; turn it On or Off with five clicks and press fire to vape, that’s all there is to it as the Moti X Mini automatically sets the power according to the ohms of the coil in the pod. The fire button is rubberised and has a nice firm resistance and short travel which makes it very pocket friendly. I tried damn hard to ‘accidentally’ pocket fire it but failed.

The airflow control is simply a case of rotating the pod, there’s two airflow slits in the actual pod and two slots on the Moti X Mini, you can close it off for a tight(ish) RDL draw or fully open it for a surprisingly airy DL draw.

Moti have taken an unusual take on the closed prefilled pod market which is usually exclusive to MTL (Mouth To Lung) users and made the Moti X Mini kit for Direct Lung users.

They come prefilled with 3mg flavoured PG/VG e-liquid but they don’t say the ratio, it appears to be at least 60VG/40PG but it could be the standard 70VG/30PG judging by the clouds they produce.

The pods come in foil sealed two packs and are 4ml (2ml TPD). There’s a push to activate pin in the mouthpiece which needs to be pressed down to release the e-liquid to the coil, you need to wait 3-5 minutes for it to prime once pressed.

The pin is then bin-fodder and the tank is ready to pop into the Moti X Mini and start vaping. The coil is 0.35ohms and mesh with decent size wicking ports, interestingly the pre-filled pods are leak-resistant whereas the replaceable coil pod isn’t. I couldn’t help but feel that this pod is very wasteful at this point, for a decent coil to be bin-fodder after only 4ml is unheard of let alone the 2ml TPD version.


To be frank, I had expected the vape to be a bit naff, I just couldn’t imagine proper sub-ohm DL from a set power prefilled pod. I was in for quite a pleasant surprise. It was quite cool at first but closing off the airflow a little gave me the warmth I prefer, but it was the flavour that leapt out the most. It was a bit of a double take as I glanced at the Moti X Mini between vapes wondering how this little bugger produced such a good vape. The vapour production was pretty high and far higher than I expected for a 29 watt device. The battery life was more than reasonable and lasted me around 6ml of e-liquid, this did highlight a downside though as you couldn’t tell the battery level as it is a single colour LED and only flashes when you cannot vape.


There were six flavours provided, I won’t go in depth but whoever Moti got to do these knew their stuff as they are proper DL flavours and the simple flavour titles such as ‘Melon Kiwi’ just nailed it; all six flavours were remarkably accurate.

This came in handy as the pods don’t actually state the flavours on them. Since I was swapping and changing during the review, it was pretty easy to tell which one was which.

None of them were over sweetened or had anything but a pleasant aftertaste. The range of flavours suited DL vaping perfectly and the variety was impressive, I would happily choose any one as an ADV (All Day Vape) which is quite rare in itself. The Honey Lemon Fizz was the most refreshing for me as it didn’t have that menthol flavour and there was just a touch of Coolada to make the aftertaste a bit like a Locket cough sweet (which I find addictive!). The ‘RAINBOW FIZZ’ is easily the best rainbow drops flavour I have tried; I can genuinely say I loved all of the flavours.

I was really enjoying testing this bundle, the actual device felt great in the hand, the vape quality was top-notch, and the variety of flavours made it feel a proper treat, BUT and I think it’s a big but; the wastefulness soon became apparent as 4ml doesn’t last too long at all, even at under 29watts I would get under half a day’s vaping of moderate use, and since the pod couldn’t be refilled I found myself trying to squeeze every drop until a dry hit started. Do I REALLY throw this tank away now? It seems such a waste, more wasteful than MTL 2ml closed pods for two reasons, obviously there’s far more plastic but the coil is far from expired and could likely last a good 20ml. It is a proper coil inside rather than a simple short life coil you find in MTL closed pods, it’s just such a waste. It also makes DL vaping in this way far more expensive than replaceable coils and shortfill e-liquids (typically 50ml/100ml bottles).

I could see these being useful as a gateway device for folks wanting to try DL vaping without lashing out of expensive kits and the lottery of choosing decent e-liquids, you can trust that the flavour descriptions are accurate and taste lush, and I think the medium power and no settings make it ideal to hand to a novice vaper to get them going.

There is a more sustainable way to use the Moti X Mini by purchasing the replaceable coil pod or the kit with one included, the downside (and I can’t believe I’m saying this..) is you won’t get the same lush flavours from the prefilled pods. I really hope Moti bring these e-liquids out separately, but I doubt it.


*IF* I take the Moti X Mini and prefilled pods at face value, then I simply cannot fault them. The kit is as starter friendly as it gets for DL vaping, it feels great, packs a surprising punch, and the e-liquids are top quality. These six flavours will stick in my mind for some time and I cannot think of a similar e-liquid replacement.

But in this day and age of environmental impact and more conscientious buyers, the prefilled and throw-away pods will be very unattractive and an expensive option. I’m torn as the vape flavours and quality is hard not to recommend, but I would sway folks to a more sustainable way to vape and move onto the replaceable coil pod asap as the device is a superb little pocket rocket and a good choice once you start using replaceable coils and using larger volume shortfill e-liquids.

Final Thoughts

I hate myself for enjoying reviewing the prefilled pods so much and I genuinely miss them now I’ve used them all up. Will I be buying any more? Nope, I cannot live with that choice, but I will be using the replaceable pod and the Moti X Mini a lot.


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