Moti X Pod Kit Review by Si Davies -- From Planet Of The Vape
BY Mozart Liu @ November 18, 2022

Moti X Pod Kit

Supplied by MOTI for review
Price TBC

It wasn’t that long ago that I hadn’t heard of Moti for vape hardware but I’m already onto the third review of their recent products. This time around it all feels a bit more ‘normal’ with the Moti X pod/mod kit, well I say normal but it oozes style and, spoiler alert, it delivers quite a superb vape.

I’m not sure how you pronounce Moti, I think it’s Mow-Tea, but it could be Mott-Eye? But it took me a while to compare Moti X with Moto Cross.

I was sent an engineering sample which came unboxed without a manual or accessories so I will have to skip that part. I couldn’t find the included contents on their official page but from what I can tell, it comes with the Moti X, a replaceable coil pod, just one coil, a USB-C charging cable, and the documents.

First Impressions and Overview

Right off the bat, I loved the styling of the Moti X with its chrome and transparent plastic body, I haven’t quite seen anything like it before but at the same time it all feels too familiar with the tried and tested pod/mod formula.

Despite the main construction being plastic, it still manages to feel solid and high quality, it has been well designed and sculpted to fit into your hand comfortably. The control buttons are plastic which I would normally slag off, but in this case I really liked them as they add to the styling with the matching screen colour scheme.

The custom wrapped battery is visible through the plastic body but I think the branding is a bit over the top, I mean it has ‘MOTI X’ on it twice, and just in case you forget the brand; it has ‘MOTI’ on the screen too, but being honest it didn’t actually bother me as it looks stylish and modern.

I can’t stand it!

What I mean by that is the rounded-off base makes it awkward to stand upright, even when you do manage then it’s a bit unstable so you tend to lay it down anyway. That said, the rounded off base is a big part of the ergonomics as it feels so damn comfortable and I appreciate that round feeling.

The pod/tank is quite generic and featureless, there is absolutely no innovation or advantageous features, the only positive from that is the plain look actually suits the mod and clear plastic body as a contrast.

The coil is a push fit and easy to replace, from what I can gather Moti and Vaporesso collaborated with this. With Vaporesso’s more than successful track record, you just know it’s going to deliver a good vape. I had hoped that the coil was going to be cross-compatible with Vaporesso’s GTX but nope, I dug through all of my stock coils and all brands but I couldn’t find a direct fit.

To fill up the pod, there is a silicone bung at the base, it’s nice and chunky which makes it easy to pull out and it also pivots out of the way. I found filling it up mess free and straight forward enough.

The pod is a magnetic fit and sits into the mod snugly, it is designed to turn in the base to adjust the airflow via two slots in the mod. It’s pretty airy when opened fully, but not very tight when closed off but passable for RDL, MTL wise you can forget it.

The charging port is at the bottom of the control panel and is USB-C, it’s 5V/2Amp so supports fast charging. The charging screen is very basic though as it just has a standard battery bar.

Two amp charging meant it didn’t take too long to recharge though, and you could estimate it easily enough once you got used to it. On average it took around fifty minutes which ain’t too shabby for a 2000mAh cell, surprisingly it didn’t get too warm either.

Controls and Screen

The screen is bright and clear, I especially liked the way the scheme was colour co-ordinated with the buttons. The controls (or lack of them) are a mixed bag as it is a variable wattage only main screen. I was baffled why on earth the ‘TIME’ was in minutes and seconds?! If you can manage a one minute draw, I will eat my cat.

That (or cat) aside, the alternate heating screen was surprisingly decent and I ended up using that full time. It has four pre-set power curves which all offer a decent vape from cool to very warm. The wattage or voltage is applied automatically from the coils resistance, I liked the way you could just slam a pod in it and vape almost instantly, without adjusting anything. Obviously you could tailor it from there.

  • 5 x Fire = Turns device On/Off
  • 3 x Fire = Locks Fire button
  • Press Up and Down together = Cycles user interface.
  • Press Fire & Up together = Locks adjustment buttons
  • Press Fire & Down together = Reset Puffs Y/N
  • Press and hold ALL buttons for 187 seconds = Nowt, not a thing.

It’s all pretty simple to use and work out without a manual. The fire locking I found quick and easy which makes it a good starter kit.

Prefilled Pods

The Moti X is cross compatible with the Moti X Mini and therefore compatible with Moti’s range of prefilled pods which I covered in the review:

But to state the obvious; the replaceable coil pod in the Moti X kit will fit the Moti X Mini which adds more appeal to that kit if prefilled pods aren’t for you.

But this highlights a bit of an issue with the replaceable coil pod, the prefilled has leak protection whereas the replaceable coil pod doesn’t. I am very surprised by this as Vaporesso should know better as they have worked on this issue and resolved it in their own pods. You will notice the base of the coil pod is exposed for the airflow but that’s the weak point for e-liquid escaping as it follows the path of least resistance.


Onto the best bit, I lobbed some Peaked Tropical Ice e-liquid into the pod, let it soak for ten mins and took it for a toot on the default settings. It simply delivered a top quality vape at only 14 watts! – I had to look twice and yep! Just 14 watts and I was getting a damn fine DL vape.

I then flipped it over to the heating screen and left it on the default two bars, no surprises as I got a pretty much identical vape. Whacked it up a bar and things really came alive, the power curve is great and ramps down just as the coil starts to heat up too much but it squeezes more flavour out along the way without the draw being too warm. Even on the full heat setting, it never got too warm and no hint of a dry hit when chain vaping, I did attempt a one minute draw to see if I got a ‘Congratulations’ screen but I only managed eight seconds.

I was pretty impressed for such a low wattage vape, vapour production was high but it was the flavour that kept me coming back for more.

Leaky Pete?

I’ve nearly killed the coil from regular use and despite my reservations, I haven’t experienced any leaking so far, even left overnight it didn’t wet the bed. I can credit most of this down to it being such a small bore coil so I cannot test what a lower ohm bigger bore coil would do.

I cannot say everything was rosy though. Since I only got a 0.7ohm coil with mine, I couldn’t see what it would be like with a proper sub-ohm coil which would push it closer to its 40watt limit, at the most I was pushing 18watts with the only coil I had. I also found the airflow a bit too restrictive for a full DL draw, it was great for RDL but too tight for an airy DL draw.

I then tested out a 0.4ohm prefilled pod and the vape was completely different, that gave a proper airy draw and set the wattage to 29watts. The vapour production was huge for 29watts, close to what I expected from something double that power, I whacked it over to the heating mode on level 3 and I was done! Almost my perfect vape.

Essentially it appears that the prefilled pod uses the same coils so I am assuming you can get the 0.4ohm coil for the replaceable coil pod and it is probably the main one I would use, I would still buy the 0.7ohm coil for times where battery life and more discreet clouds are require.

**Judging by the official page, it only lists the 0.35ohm coil so I’m guessing that one comes in the retail boxed kit: Coils and Suggested Wattage: 0.35Ω Mesh Coil 25~33W (DTL)


With Moti sending an incomplete kit with a higher ohm coil, I couldn’t give a proper final opinion or a fair pros and cons, but judging by the 0.7ohm coils and the prefilled pods 0.4ohm performance, it’s a fairly safe bet that the retail version should offer a mighty fine vape.

I really enjoyed using the actual mod, the quirky curves heat screen was surprisingly useful and is all you really need, this makes it very starter friendly. It felt great in the hand, and the 2000mAh cell lasts a full day but is also quick to top-up charge.

I can’t really complete this review with accurate pros, cons, or scores so I will offer my initial likes and dislikes based on the version and coil I had.

I liked:

  • Solid ergonomics and feels high quality
  • Large 2000mAh internal battery and 2Amp charging
  • Top notch flavour whichever coil I tried
  • Power curves were well refined and useful
  • Simple to setup and use

I didn’t like so much (based on the provided 0.7ohm coil):

  • Airflow was a bit ineffective and tight (much better on the prefilled pods)
  • Unstable when stood upright


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