This is how I start vaping, MOTI PIIN from my friend
BY Chelly Hong @ February 28, 2020

Hello everyone, I am from Malaysia and I have been smoking for more than 15 years, and recently started vaping to help me quit smoking.


Here's the thing, one of my friends from China recommended me their vape products. I know he wants me to buy, and he is willing to provide some free samples for me I have no reason to refuse.


To be honest, I felt a little strange when I first vaped, but I quickly got used to it. their products also contain nicotine, so I can feel the satisfaction of my body, and the cold mint flavor is very suitable for the hot weather in Malaysia.


My favorite is the classic tobacco, it can give me a real feeling of smoking. mango and blueberries are also good, I love to try different flavors.


I have used it for about 20 days so far and now I no longer have a bad cough, and after the free samples used up, I think I may continue to use them so that I will not at least keep coughing.


 This is my story with vaping, I am still a newbie hope to get everyone's help here.


Author:MaryjoProthro from Reddit

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