About Lithium Battery, What Vapers Need To Know
BY Mozart Liu @ December 26, 2022

E-cigarettes rely on "electricity" to maintain the normal operation of the device. While the battery provides the source of power for e-cigarettes, it also brings some safety issues. In the known accidents involving e-cigarettes, e-cigarette batteries are responsible for most of them.

Of course, this is not to say that e-cigarette batteries are prone to problems. Safety must be highly emphasized in anything to do with electricity, which is inherently dangerous and can only be handled safely if it is well understood. So first of all, we need to know what kind of battery is used in e-cigarettes, and how to choose the battery for e-cigarettes.

A: The current e-cigarette market is dominated by powered lithium batteries. Power lithium battery is lithium ferrous phosphate material, usually designed capacity below 3000mAh, a discharge rate of 5~15C, discharge current of more than 10A. At present, power lithium battery models are divided into 18350,18650,21700,26650 and other models.

How is it different from ordinary lithium batteries?
A: The positive and negative electrode material system and structure are the same, the advantage of the power lithium battery is that, for safety, the power battery has a more external protection circuit, and a heat dissipation layout; Its anode and cathode material particles are smaller, the chemical reaction rate is faster; Secondly, it uses diaphragm material and electrolyte to make the conductivity better; The cycle life of power lithium battery is also higher than that of ordinary lithium battery.

In summary, we can see that the safety of e-cigarette battery specifications and configuration is still very high, the premise is that you have to buy qualified batteries produced by regular manufacturers, to ensure that they are not safe from low-quality and shoddy batteries.

After knowing how to choose the battery, we step into the most important link: how to correctly charge the battery, to ensure safety.

A: First of all, the most important thing is that you should have a quality certification and protection function of the excellent charger. As we all know, no matter whether any electronic equipment charging improperly will cause battery damage, the most common are mobile phones, for the same use of lithium battery, often to charge electronic cigarettes, the charger is particularly important, it is the door god to protect the battery.

Secondly, the charging procedure is normal. Before charging, routinely check whether the battery skin is damaged, bulging, leakage, and so on. After confirming that there is no problem with the battery, put the battery into the charger in the correct direction and set the appropriate charging current and cut-off voltage.
What kinds of charging operations can cause battery problems or even safety accidents?

A: First, excessive discharge. When the battery reaches the cut-off voltage, continue discharging. Due to the need to maintain a certain amount of lithium ions in the negative electrode to maintain the stability of the structure, over-discharge will cause more lithium ions to migrate out, and destroy the stability of the negative electrode, resulting in irreversible damage to the negative electrode.

Second, overcharging. Such a practice may lead to increased pressure in the battery, battery deformation, leakage, and other situations.
A full charge of a lithium iron phosphate battery is 3.2 volts. When a bad charger is used to charge a lithium iron phosphate battery, because the chip cannot recognize the type of battery, it will only charge it as a normal lithium battery. This will charge a battery with a full charge voltage of 3.2V to 4.2V. BOOM!

See here I believe that we have a certain degree of vigilance for charging safety, but also realize how important it is to choose a reliable charger, so how do choose a reliable charger?

Firstly, choose brands with rich qualifications and product experience.
Do not buy from unknown manufacturers of three no product is to buy any product criteria, so before you buy a battery charger, need to carefully investigate the product manufacturers, online access to the introduction of brand qualification, and product user evaluation, to see the brand poster introduced product function, performance, life indicators are true.

Secondly, check whether there is a safety and quality-related certification
Check whether the charger has 3C certification. If the manufacturer claims to export the product, or if you buy it abroad, check whether the product has CE, ROHS, FCC, CEC, REACH, KC, C-TICK, and so on and whether the charger provides three packs and complete after-sales service.

Thirdly, product development and function are comprehensive and reliable
When buying a charger, pay attention to whether it can intelligently identify the battery type and enter the corresponding charging mode according to the battery type; Whether there is a cut-off voltage setting; Whether there is a protection function, over temperature protection, timeout protection, short circuit protection, and battery activation function and repair function, etc.

Fourth, stylish appearance and portability
When these three safety-related features are in place, we can choose a more stylish and portable charger. How about the design of the product, whether to carry out the problem, and so on?

Well, this period of blow bar knowledge based on electronic cigarette batteries and chargers for popular science here, I hope you in the future in the purchase of batteries and chargers, as well as the operation and use of strict standards to carry out, safety comes first.

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