Advantages and disadvantages of e-cigarette MTL and DTL
BY Jonathan Alize @ November 23, 2022

E-cigarette users often mention Mouth-to-lung(MTL) and Direct-to-lung(DL or DTL) vaping modes, but novices often don’t understand them. These are the two most common vaping modes, and different vaping modes can bring users different experiences.

The way of MTL is very similar to the smoking technique when we use cigarettes every day, while the way of DTL is closer to the vaping mode when using hookah. At the same time, different devices, atomizers, and output power also determine whether a device is suitable for MTL or DTL; whether you want to experience the wonderful taste of e-liquid or chase clouds and fog to the maximum, different vaping modes will give you different results.


MTL Vaping Mode:

The way of inhalation is the same as our daily vaping. The user first inhales the vapour from the nebulizer into the mouth and then inhales additional air to bring the vapour into the lungs. In the earlier period, due to technical limitations, most e-cigarette users used e-cigarettes in the form of oral inhalation.

Compared with DTL vaping, the vapour will stay in the user's mouth for a longer time during MTL, so when using MTL vaping, the user will also have a more delicate taste experience of the taste of e-liquid. Since both cigar and cigarette users use MTL, most players who use electronic cigarettes instead of cigarettes will also choose MTL mode when vaping.


Advantages of MTL:

Due to the slow inhalation, the evaporation speed of the e-liquid is relatively slow, and the same capacity of e-liquid can be used for a longer time.

The device does not need too much output power when inhaling, which also avoids overheating the device during use.

Because it is used in the same way as cigarettes, MTL is more popular among vapers.

Using MTL vaping mode properly will make the vapour stay in the user's mouth for a long time, which will help the user to obtain a more delicate taste experience of the e-liquid.


Disadvantages of MTL:

Due to the low output power of the device during MTL and the small amount of vapour, the roar of vapour on the user is also weaker than that of DTL.

At present, dripping nebulizers and high-power nebulizers have gradually occupied the mainstream of the market, and MTL, which is a vaping mode for low-power devices, has become somewhat outdated.


DTL Vaping Mode:

Like the name of "lung inhaling", the inhalation of lung vaping is when the user inhales the vapour directly from the nebulizer into the lungs, just like taking a deep breath every day. The dense vapour will instantly fill the lungs, similar to the experience of using hookah.

DTL vaping mode will bring users a stronger impact, and a large amount of vapour will bring users a richer taste experience. At the same time, due to the instantaneous evaporation of a large amount of e-liquid, the cooling feature of the atomizer has also become very important, and the overheating of the vape may not bring any good experience to the user. Due to the larger amount of vapour, the roaring feeling will be more obvious when vaping with DTL. Most users who use DTL vaping mode will choose e-liquid products with lower nicotine content.

At the same time, in the selection of e-liquid, players will be more inclined to choose e-liquid with higher VG content and lower nicotine content to reduce the impact of vapour on the throat.


Advantages of DTL:

The vapour is directly inhaled into the lungs, which can bring users a stronger vaping experience, and at the same time, users will also get a fuller and richer vaping experience.

DTL is the best way for users to chase clouds.


Disadvantages of DTL:


When choosing e-liquid, you need to be more cautious, too much PG and nicotine content will give you an unbearable roar. At the same time, the dry burning of cotton caused by poor e-juice conduction will also become your nightmare.

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