Can E-cigarettes Be Used On High-speed Trains and Planes?
BY Megan Miller @ December 23, 2022

With the popularity and promotion of e-cigarettes around the world in recent years, many vapers are traveling with their new vaping partner every day. While there are problems like whether e-cigarettes be used on high-speed trains and airplanes, we will talk about this issue.

E-liquids within 100ml, as well as electronic cigarette equipment, can pass security checks in airports, high-speed rail, subways, and courts (experienced by the author). Specifically, when it comes to airport security checks, there are two relevant regulations involving electronic cigarettes:

  1. The non-violating liquids carried with you should not exceed 100ml.
  2. Lithium batteries in electronic cigarettes are not allowed to be checked (so electronic cigarettes must be carried with you).

Therefore, no special circumstances can pass through the security check, but if the security check personnel ask or even block, please cooperate with the work and explain patiently, so as not to cause adverse effects on public order, this is not cool at all.

Regarding carrying e-cigarettes on public transportation, such as airplanes, here are some points to note:

  1. Please be sure to choose authentic products from big brands, because once the quality of batteries and other electronic components is not up to standard, there are still dangers. Regular e-cigarette products will undergo strict testing to ensure safety from design to delivery.
  2. To avoid any e-liquid leakage and other phenomena, which will cause inconvenience to the use of e-cigarettes afterward, it is best to carry the replacement pods of e-cigarettes, pods and devices should be kept separately.
  3. When traveling by plane, when the plane travels to a high altitude, a certain air pressure difference will inevitably form in the cabin, which may cause a small amount of e-liquid in the pod to seep out (if possible, it can be sealed and stored separately in a plastic bag, etc., put it in a pocket or bag, may stain clothing, etc., causing unnecessary trouble).
  4. When flying, do not charge the e-cigarette at the end. Although there is no experimental result to show that it will be dangerous, it is recommended to avoid charging for prudence.
  5. When taking an airplane, high-speed rail, subway, etc., it is strictly forbidden to use electronic cigarettes! It is not allowed to secretly take a few puffs in the bathroom!

In short, according to the relevant regulations, e-cigarettes are not contraband, and there is no worry about carrying them through the security check. But just like cigarettes, we must abide by relevant regulations and respect others when we use them. At this stage, the public’s general awareness of e-cigarettes is not enough, leading to more misunderstanding and resentment.

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