How Do You Know When A Disposable Vape Pen Is Used Up?
BY Mozart Liu @ October 19, 2022


Many e-cigarette users are using disposable vape pens as an alternative to smoking. This is a trend, and e-cigarettes are known to cause far less harm than traditional cigarettes. Meanwhile, if you're looking for a cheaper vape device for a limited time or considering taking it on vacation, it's a great option, and a disposable vape pen is a wise choice.

Compared with traditional cigarettes, it is not easy to judge whether electronic cigarette pens are free of oil, so today's topic is here. Some vape devices have their own "warning system", the POD area of these vape pens is made of transparent material, so the user can easily see the oil level; there is also the vape device function with an electronic detection function, which is displayed digitally so that you can tell if your juice is done; but there are also vaping devices like disposable vaping pens, which were created to keep costs down, and it can be harder to see how it's going to be used. So for disposable e-cigarette users, how to know the use status of e-cigarette equipment?

There are some suggestions, for example, that we can tell when an e-cigarette case or vape pen is empty by the difference between feeling full and empty. When it's nearly empty, you can feel a little bit lighter. But it's still a little far-fetched for people with less perceptual abilities, such as having difficulty remembering the weight of their first vaping device. How about using an electronic scale? Oh forget it, that's not what vapers do.

MOTI's Disposable E-Cigarette Pen, the MOTI Beaker 5000, Brings a New E-Cigarette Experience

Thanks to the enthusiastic users of the MOTI Beaker 5000, we have some helpful tips. When your pod/vape pen is about to run out of juice, here are some ways to determine if it's empty.

  1. Burnt or charred taste

When you notice that the steam from your appliance tastes burnt or charred, it may be a sign that there is no juice left. The heating element may still be working, but there is no juice left, and when you continue vaping at this point, it will burn the cotton wick and make your vape smell bad.

  1. Less steam, tasteless

If your device produces less and tasteless vapor, you've run out of vaping juice. Continuing to vape can be unpleasant and potentially harmful. If you can't taste or smell it, you'll need to refill your vape or replace one.

  1. Check whether the battery is low or dead

Most disposable e-cigarettes are not designed to be rechargeable, but the MOTI Beaker 5000 is a rechargeable disposable e-cigarette pen that tends to last for a long time thanks to its unprecedentedly large juice tank - 12 ML capacity max Holds 5000 puffs! If you've pumped a lot and your device is still cold, then your device may be dead and you need to charge it. However, these pens (like the MOTI Beaker 5000) have protection circuitry that ensures you get steam as long as there is vape juice left in the disposable pen.

If you have any questions about how to find out whether the disposable pen is used up or how long it can be used, you are welcome to contact us.

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