How to Choose An E-cigarette For Beginners?
BY Mozart Liu @ November 08, 2022

When many people first come into contact with electronic cigarettes, they will go for disposable electronic cigarettes first. After all, the price is cheap. But, due to cost control and other reasons, the raw materials and processes used in disposable electronic cigarettes are relatively common, and the smoking experience brought by them will be greatly reduced. So how can a novice choose the one that suits him among the many electronic cigarette products? What aspects should you pay attention to when choosing a product? This article is an introductory guide for newcomers to e-cigarettes!


The characteristic of disposable electronic cigarettes is that they are disposable, while the Pod System(changeable juice pod) can be reused, and each time only the pods that have been used up need to be replaced. From the perspective of long-term use, the Pod System electronic cigarette is more cost-effective.


The technical difference between electronic cigarettes is in the atomization coil. At present, there are two common types: ceramic coil and cotton coil. The atomization coil is one of the important factors affecting the taste. The advantages of cotton wicks are low prices and good taste reproduction, but the disadvantages are also obvious. It is prone to oil frying and oil leakage, and it is difficult to control the performance quality. The current mainstream ceramic coils do not pop oil and have a low oil leakage rate. After the technical iteration, the taste restoration degree has also been significantly improved. Generally speaking, in regards to the cost, disposable electronic cigarettes use cotton coils mostly, while Pod System products use ceramic coils in pursuit of quality.


Taste is usually the first factor that everyone is concerned about when choosing electronic cigarettes. In addition to the above-mentioned atomizing coil, the quality of e-liquid and the flavoring formula are also important factors that affect the taste. Many big vape brands like MOTI Vape, have their R&D teams, patented technologies, and exclusive formulas. They are also stricter on raw material supply and quality control. The prepared e-liquid is both safe and easy to smoke. After all, it is a product that needs to be imported directly, so it is more secure to choose a big manufacturer and a big brand.


It is recommended to choose a rechargeable electronic cigarette. Generally, an electronic cigarette with a battery capacity of 400mAh can be charged 1-2 times a week in the case of moderate use.


For beginners, it is not recommended to buy too expensive products at the beginning, you can try a few more brands or products, and gradually find the most suitable one for you. You can start with entry-level Pod System electronic cigarettes. When you are used to using electronic cigarettes, you can go further to try products such as Pod Mod system products and special flavor pods.

After reading the above five points, if you still have not made a choice, then I would recommend an entry-level electronic cigarette that you can enter with your eyes closed - the MOTI X series, which is also the product I use until now.

The MOTI X Series includes a basic starter kit, the MOTI X Mini, is an aviation aluminum material used in this electronic cigarette that is matched with sandblasting oxidation process, which has a simple and elegant appearance and a good grip. With a 1150mAh battery, it guarantees its battery life. At the same time, it also retains the Massive Vapour function and Airflow control as the flagship product may have, which is rare for an entry-level product. This MOTI X Mini is suitable for different vape modes. Its supercritical extraction technology is well-known in the industry for e-liquid purification and taste restoration. Yes, don't worry. This MOTI X Mini is also one of MOTI's vape products to obtain 2 major vape products awards -- the World Vape Show 2022 and the MUSE DESIGN AWARDS, and MOTI's product strength is evident.

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