I found a growth in my throat
BY Shopify API @ December 26, 2019

I probably will not be eligible for the contest but here is my story.  I am currently still a smoker, I have spent hundreds on vapes in the past and failed to quit.  I have recently been referred to your website by my Aunt who has been successful in quitting and is now using a Moti.  It started in 2015, I found a growth in my throat, my father was in the hospital for over a month on his death bed so I put off getting it checked.  When I finally did they said it was ok for now but I needed to stop smoking or it could turn to cancer.

Here I am four years later and hoping beyond hope I will be able to purchase a couple of the Moti's and kick ash as you say once and for all.  Smoking currently has me where my mouth and throat are constantly dry and my voice is quite croaky. So my motivation would and will be to save my life. Perhaps in a few months I will have a great result to send to share, I hope I do. I am finally being referred for a biopsy in then near future.


Author: Alisa

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