I was 15 when I started smoking cigarettes
BY Shopify API @ December 26, 2019

I was 15 when I started smoking cigarettes because my older brother and his friends used to stand in the background cheffing on them and I really wanted to be cool like him. So I asked him if I could try one well bad older brother handed me a smoke. Mind you my dads been smoking since I was a kid so I’ve always been around them! Fast forward ten years...

I’m 25 now and wake up with worst cough every morning hacking up nasty tar filled spit. Every cigarette I lit up just to “get me up in the morning “ made me nauseous and light headed. This went on a few months.( My dad still smoking after all these years.. 3 strokes & a heart attack still smoking feeling twice as bad as I do smoking. ) Meanwhile during a puppy play date my girlfriend pulls out this vape she had. So I hit mainly because I alway felt weird almost guilty lighting up a smoke around people who don’t smoke. Later that night I remember looking at my pack of cigarettes thinking F this I know I have a vape around here where is that thing. I ended up finding it! And purchasing juice the next day. Ah the day after not having a smoke for 24 hours and just vaping I instantly was feeling like a normal human again no more headache or nausea feeling.

That’s what really made me want to pursue this path of the “vape life” but I think what really kept me hooked was how many amazing vaping devices were out there now & all these new juice brands! It gets me excited to try a new juice! Vaping gets me excited, everything about it just keeps me more and more interested. Plus the community of vapers is incredible. So mind you sticking with the vape was easy once you got to experience all the different mods/ pod systems out there. Plus it taste so much than a cigarette ever did. & now no more yucky smell in my hair! I hope to inspire my dad to put down the cigarette eventually, everyday we get that much closer! 

Author: Melissa P

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