Vaping is not just a hobby for us its our life!!
BY Shopify API @ December 26, 2019

I have been vaping for a year now ..What a wonderful year it has been...I smoked for over 13 yrs and never saw my self quitting...Me and my hubby @kingz_koilz was introduced to vaping threw a mutal friend @booboobuttkiss79..My hubby stopped by our favorite vape shop @lowavapor and brought home our first vape which was a smok pen....We both instantly feel in love and gave up tobacco and changed our whole lifes not only for us but for our future & Children...My father smoked since he was 10 yrs old and i have watched him go threw hell and back..He has had every sugery you can think of and was even in a coma and almost lost his life due to smoking...He use to always get on to me about smoking and say how can you smoke after what u have watched me go threw...

So i am forever greatful my family found vaping when we did..Vaping is not just a hobby for us its our life!! We love to be vape influencers and my hubby loves working at a vape shop @lowavapor and helping people daily..We have met so many wonderful people threw out this journey that we are forever greatful for..Vaping def saved our lifes ..if you know someone struggling and wants to quit smoking so bad but does not think its possible like i thought, IT IS POSSIBLE..I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD B TOBACCO FREE AND IT FEELS SO GOOD TO SAY I HAVE BEEN TOBACCO FREE FOR A YEAR NOW AND I CANT WAIT TO SEE WHERE VAPING TAKES US..ONE THING IS FOR SURE NO MATTER WHERE VAPING TAKES US WE ARE TOBACOO FREE!! AND WE GET TO ADD MORE TIME TO OUR LIFES!! #blessed #greatful .


Author: OG.Cashly /GreenGodess

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