What Is The Current And Future Status of The E-cigarette Industry?
BY Nicole Winter @ November 25, 2022

For those who are interested in joining the vape industry, This article is about my takes on the current situation and the future, and currently, a better solution for the average person to get involved in the vape industry.

Current: Many e-cigarette companies are growing in many ways. Thanks to high margins, many manufacturers still make a lot of money.

Future: Tobacco management, state investment in. Some time ago, the regulation of the "e-cigarette and related" industry was transferred from the FDA to tobacco. After the signal was clear, the following things happened or will happen soon:

  1. Almost 90% of traditional tobacco companies are about to publish their e-cigarettes, making it less and less likely that consumers will visit a specialty store when they can choose from dozens of e-cigarettes in a traditional tobacco store.
  2. Tax rates will inevitably skyrocket, e-cigarette profits will die instantly, and small e-cigarette manufacturers will be greatly affected. This is very easy to understand, for traditional tobacco products dealers, a pack of 20 cigarettes, for a store there is only about 10% profit, while for an e-cigarette device pack, the store can earn100% profit, which is the fundamental reason why the e-cigarette store can survive. Going forward, I estimate that around 25% of profits will become the norm, and exclusivity will be extremely difficult.
  3. For small and medium-sized vape brands, selling to traditional tobacco companies in large quantities will be the only way out.

The best way for ordinary people to participate in the e-cigarette industry is: to run convenience stores.

A lot of people may think, store rent is high, so why running a convenience store is the choice? Imagine that you open a specialty store of a dedicated e-cigarette brand. Do you think your business will be good? Today, MOTI, RELX, and many vape brands are expanding their stores, by the end of 2022, at least half of the production closed, and to maintain shipments, most brands will inevitably flow into convenience stores. Why would I go to your store to buy something I can get at any convenience store? In the future, when consumers can choose dozens of electronic cigarettes in traditional tobacco shops, the possibility of going to specialty stores will become less and less. Opening a convenience store can avoid such a situation, and many convenience stores have already applied for authorization certification for the sale of e-cigarettes.

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