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BY Mozart Liu @ June 17, 2022


The 2022 Dubai World Vape Show (WVS) is just in time. Affected by the pandemic, the number of exhibitors at WVS has been greatly reduced this year, but there are still many companies from different countries who have overcome the difficulties brought by the pandemic to come to the exhibition site to participate.


On June 16, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, exhibitors came to the Convention and Exhibition Center.  

"Many innovations of electronic cigarettes can only be experienced by coming to the scene, especially the taste of electronic cigarettes. The epidemic cannot stop the pace of innovation, nor does it stop us from coming to the exhibition." said the person in charge of the Middle East market of MOTI.


MOTI is a well-known Chinese e-cigarette company that has been a major player in the global vape market, focusing on developing and selling e-cigarettes and e-cigarette harm reduction solutions. As we can see from the show, many exhibitors lined up to experience its latest harm reduction product, the MOTI X MINI, which is currently the most popular refillable/prefilled electronic cigarette device available on the market.

The products on the show also include disposable products that are increasingly popular among e-cigarette enthusiasts. For example, there is a disposable that looks like a popsicle attracted the attention of e-cigarette users as soon as it was launched. It has achieved good results in several major markets.

Science is not about tools, but about how we use them. To enjoy the convenience brought by technology, the original intention of this beaker-shaped vape pen is to bring the ultimate user experience, the MOTI BEAKER 5000, and MOTI TUBE 3000, the next big thing for flavor chasers.

Now MOTI Lab's new disposable vape series are getting more and more attention. Both of them are hot repurchased items. Many vapers collect 10 flavors of MOTI BEAKER 5000 one by one as their collections. Yes, here comes the point again, it's not inspiration that brings new tastes, it's new tastes and new designs that bring more inspiration. Starting from the user and thinking for the user, MOTI has shown sincerity to all users with its products.

The World Vape Show Dubai is the UAE's first international e-cigarette expo and conference and has been a huge success in the Middle East. This year, new awards for e-cigarette brands that have contributed to different aspects of the vaping industry will also be announced for the first time, if you are going to the show now, there are many professional speeches on at the moment. Don't miss out on all these exciting moments!

As the most influential international e-cigarette expo in the UAE, the Dubai World Vape Show will attract over 1000 exhibitors and welcome 80000 professional visitors from all over the world.

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