What Message Has Moti's Disposable Vape Brought to the Industry?
BY Mozart Liu @ July 15, 2022


With the development and popularity of disposable vape pens, the leading vape brands with innovative ideas are starting to gain more and more attention from vapers. Thanks to these big brands' strong product awareness and innovation ability, vaping reduces harm and is becoming common sense in many places.


Disposable e-cigs are the easiest way to vape. But that is not good enough to explain why disposable vape products are getting increasingly popular among those looking to quit smoking cigarettes. They're small and portable and they come pre-filled with e-juice so you don't have to worry about refilling. And what's more, you don't have to recharge or maintain them because once they're finished you can throw them out in a recyclable electronic waste bin.


But most importantly, vape users are falling for vaping because disposable vapes are delivering the draw and sensation much closer to a cigarette, and of course because of those delicious flavors and inspiration. MOTI Vape is one of them, and this time we will take a closer look at MOTI's new disposable products and see how they can attract more customers and gain their trust.


MOTI Lab series vaping products are even more attractive due to the inspiration they bring to life. The series now has 2 models, MOTI BEAKER 5000 and MOTI TUBE 3000, both named after their appearance.


Science is not about tools, but about how we use them. To enjoy the convenience brought by technology, the original intention of this beaker-shaped vape pen is to bring the ultimate user experience, MOTI BEAKER 5000, the next big thing for flavor chasers.


Look at the MOTI TUBE 3000, unlike the real test tube, this tube-shaped vape pen has a matte surface and is comfortable to hold. The 950mAh large-capacity battery is equipped with a well-controlled mesh coil atomizer, bringing up to 3000 puffs of exclusive taste for you!


Just like their slogan goes, Inspiration brings in new tastes! MOTI Lab series vape products are born to offer more inspiration to the vapers. If you are getting tired of the immutable appearance, or the inspirations that are exhausted in your mind, then think about using a new trend. MOTI Lab series may not have a dazzling appearance, just like external satisfaction may not fill people's minds, inspiration comes in life in different ways.


While the other one that also getting attention is the MOTI BOX 6000, and this is now the hot trend product, vapers care not just the flavor but the appearance is one of the important points. The MOTI BOX 6000 is MOTI's next big thing. A breakthrough point of this product is that it brings a high-end experience that users usually ignore, it is, the soft silicone mouthpiece, to achieve a more comfortable draw, and what's more, the MOTI BOX 6000 is designed with a contrasting color appearance, vapers tend to use it as their vaping outfit without feeling bored anymore.


As a disposable pod intended for one-time usage, MOTI BOX 6000 is a vape suitable for those who want to travel. With the support of a 400mAh rechargeable battery and 14ml of built-in e-liquid storage, MOTI BOX 6000 is strong and durable enough, allowing you to take it with you on vacation or stay outside for 1 week without any charging concerns.


When looking for new vaping options, vapers are more likely to approach nearby vaping stores -- for instant satisfaction as always. Now MOTI Lab's new disposable vape series are getting more and more attention. Both of them are hot repurchased items. Many smokers collect 10 flavors of MOTI BEAKER 5000 one by one as their collections. Yes, here comes the point again, it's not inspiration that brings new tastes, it's new tastes and new designs that bring more inspiration. Starting from the user and thinking for the user, MOTI has shown sincerity to all users with its products.


There are different ways of trying nicotine replacement products, and it is generally safe. However, vaping products may not be suitable for everyone, but at least the safest way to use nicotine. Discuss vaping products with a vaper before trying them, you will get more inspiration.

Looking at the popularity of MOTI's products at the recent Vaper Expo in Birmingham, UK, it is not difficult for vapers to find that they have made the right choice.




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