Smoking is Speeding up Climate Change? Switching to Vape Might Help
BY Jessie Tang @ December 26, 2019


According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Report released in early August, the global temperature rise is estimated to hit the 1.5-degree threshold within decades, and lead to catastrophic natural disasters. In fact, a string of extreme weather has already been set in motion—think about the frequency and intensity of recent heatwaves, rainstorms or wildfires across the world. Once the world reaches that climate tipping point, things would be even worse.


Wait, don’t rush to indulge in the doom and gloom over a climate apocalypse. The report added, temperature rise is likely to be restrained, as long as human make continuous efforts to reduce emissions. Actually, emissions are caused for many reasons, and smoking is one of them.

Smokers are Responsible for Climate Change

Maybe it’s hard to believe, but smoking does play a big role in pushing our temperature to the new high. The situation boils down to two things—the smoke from burned tobacco and cigarette butts.

  • Smoke from Burned Tobacco

It has been well recognized how harmful the second hand smoke can be to the public health. In the smoke produced by burned tobacco, as many as 69 substances cause cancer, such as the notorious carbon monoxide and tar. Roughly 41,000 people die of the exposure to second hand smoke every year.

Nevertheless, the impacts of conventional cigarettes on air shouldn’t be underestimated either. A recent study found the cigarette smoke produces nearly 85,000 tons of polluted air annually, half of the amount of hazardous emissions from all cars in America. Such heavy pollution makes cigarette a significant contributor to today’s climate change.

  • Cigarette Butts

Far from waste disposal doesn’t mean we’re justified in ignoring the link between wastes and air. Since over 40% of the waste worldwide is handled through open air burning, tons of toxins are released in the process. The pollution not only damages people’s respiratory conditions, but increases the likelihood of acid rain and more serious environmental issues.

Annually, 1.6 billion pounds of cigarette butts would end up as wastes. And let’s look at another astonishing figure—among all improperly discarded wastes every year, cigarette butts account for 38%. They can always make their way to everywhere from tourist beaches to walkways in the woods. As cigarette filters are non-biodegradable, it takes a lot more efforts to handle them.

A Switch to Vaping is an Antidote

If you’re considering smoking cessation to do your part in curbing temperature rise, but have difficulty in overriding your nicotine cravings, a switch to vape use might be a wise option.

vape to quit smoking

Vape products are widely accepted as a safer alternative to combustible cigarettes. In terms of the sensation the two products deliver to users, they are quite similar. The throat hit is a case in point. Moreover, nicotine in the e-liquid also effectively relieves people’s cigarette withdrawal. However, vape products don’t share the same negative impacts on environment as combustible cigarettes.

First of all, the second hand vapor from vaping devices is the result of heated e-liquid, unlike the smoke from tobacco combustion. The vapor doesn’t contain most of toxic chemicals found in smoke, proving to be much less harmful. Most notably, it wouldn’t release hazardous emissions as cigarettes and in turn accelerate our climate change.

Juul, one of the leading e-cigarette companies, organized a research involving 30 participants to compare the emissions from traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes. The conclusion is the air breathed out by vape users has 99% less formaldehyde and carbon monoxide than that of smokers.

In addition, vape products wouldn’t wreck big havoc on air quality due to anything like the ubiquitous cigarette butts. E-cigarettes are recyclable. They can be used repeatedly with e-liquid refills. Nowadays, big e-cig brands, MOTI included, are striving to make things even easier with vape innovation. Take MOTI’s Change series as an example, it frees users from troubles with refills, and can be reused through simple replacement of pods pre-filled with liquids.


Smoking has a bad press for its deadly harms in the public health context for long. However, it’s equally worth noting that smoking has come up as another threat to global temperature. Smokers should learn about their roles in driving our climate to an irreversible crisis, and find safer alternatives. Switching to vape would be an antidote to the situation.

Some E-cig giants like MOTI employed the Ceramic Coil Heating Technology inside.

vape pod

The stable temperature and heat condition closely simulates the burning of traditional cigarette, which guarantee the taste and throat striking feeling. The Ceramic Coil empowers MOTI products vaporize MOTI pods juice at a relatively lower temperature where does not generate harmful material like Hydrocarbons chemicals. Moreover, an e-cigarette doesn't contain tar like a traditional cigarette. Instead, they offer various fresh flavour to eliminate the bad smelling from smoking. Positive effects highlighted in the January NASEM report indicate that e-cigarettes may be:

  • Less harmful than regular cigarettes
  • As compared to a traditional cigarette, an e-cig has lower levels of substances that may cause harm to the body
  • More importantly, e-cigarettes help those struggling with an addiction to quit or reduce smoking traditional cigarettes

The impacts of climate change are the most urgent issues faced by humanity. Note that saving the environment is our duty.

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