Benefits of Vaping - Why Should You Switch to Vaping
BY Jessie Tang @ September 02, 2021

Are you a smoker? Are you attempting to quit smoking but always end up failing? Are you looking to switch to vaping but haven't started yet? Vaping is a way to alternate. Here are some benefits of vaping. Hope they are helpful for you on deciding if you should switch. For other vape knowledge and information, you can check our vaping guide.

Relatively Safe

By heating up the e-liquid with an atomizer, e-cigarettes produce vapor (or "aerosol" in the academic context) for users to inhale. Unlike the smoke from tobacco combustion which carries at least 69 deadly carinogens, such as tar and carbon monoxide, the vapor contains much less toxins. Vaping's relative safety has been recognized by lots of health institutions and governments. For example, the Public Health England stressed that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking after conducting a series of scientific researches.

Less Cost

A majority of vaping products available are reusable. Simply by refilling vape juices or replacing an affordable pre-filled pod, vapers can repeatedly use one vape hardware for quite a while. It saves us a big sum of money. That also means our vaping desires can be satisfied even if when we’re tied to a limited budget.

Easy and Compact

In an endless quest to all-in-one vape kits, vaping manufacturers are competing to provide customers with the most unique compact devices. As the pursuit of a simple lifestyle takes hold, so does consumers’ preference for an easy and portable product. That explains why disposable vape products are gaining unprecedented popularity in recent years. Today’s vaping put increasingly big focuses on easy-to-navigate operations, smart wattage mode and compact size.

Tailored to Our Preferences

Most parameters of a vape device can be customized to make for ideal vaping in everyone’s mind. For instance, with a pod mod, we can enjoy varied vapor amount and density by adjusting the airflow or replacing coils at different resistances. Disposable vape kits allow less adjustments, but we’re still free to control the flavor or nicotine dosage by picking up different liquids.

Unparalleled Entertainment

Beyond the throat hit sensation, nicotine inhaling or various flavors that deliver palate satisfaction, vapers also have fun in interesting vape tricks such as blowing smoke rings. Furthermore, with years of growth of vaping culture, vaping has become increasingly mainstream among youths. Recent years have witnessed a sharp increase in activities that center around new vaping trends or involve vape product promotion, including trade fairs, workshops or even underground competitions.

Effective Helper in Smoking Cessation

It's not news that nicotine vaping products are widely used as an effective alternative to conventional tobacco. Some medical experts and governments recognize the benefits of vaping in improving the public health, and have included e-cigarettes as officially-approved quit aids for smokers. It's estimated that in the UK, about 50,000 smokers succeed in smoking cessation in 2017 thanks to e-cigarettes.

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